Adoption Process

Welcome Adopters! Our goal is to find a great match for our adopters and our pets. Thank you for considering adoption! 

Before you adopt

Update existing pets' licenses.

  • If you reside in Seattle city limits, visit our online licensing portal and make sure all of your existing pets are currently licensed.
  • You may update licenses online or with our customer service representatives when you pay for your adoption.

How to Adopt

1. View our available animals and identify the pet you are interested in meeting.

  • Read the animal's profile and consider all information and recommendations provided. Because of the limited number of appointments, only submit a survey for an animal if you think you can meet any recommendations.

2. Complete and submit an adoption survey, including the name of the specific pet you are interested in. Surveys must be fully completed to be considered.

* We cannot retain adoption surveys to be used for your interest in other animals. You may save and reuse it for another animal. Simply replace the animal's name on the survey and resubmit or resend the same survey with the animal's name and animal number via email.

  • Follow the instructions on the pet's adoption profile to submit your survey.
  • Most available pets will receive multiple adoption surveys. Submitting a survey is not a guarantee that you will be able to meet or adopt that pet.

3. Applications will be viewed as they are received, and we will contact potential adopters to discuss the pet.

  • Many shelter pets will receive multiple adoption surveys, so not all staff and foster parents are able to contact every interested adopter. If you do not receive notification from us within 72 hours, please check the website to see if the pet is still available. 
    • If it is available, please email us to request an update. 
    • If it is not available, please check out other pets available for adoption.

4. Meet the pet!

  • Arrangements will be made for you to meet the pet. 
  • Due to the current health crisis, we ask that fosters and interested adopters limit contact by using virtual means to engage and interact with a pet remotely whenever possible. At your appointment staff or foster parents will tell you more about the pet's behavioral and medical needs.
  • Meeting a pet is not a guarantee that you will be able to adopt.

5. Adopt! 

  • When the adoption is ready to go, a staff member will contact you to process the adoption. Most adoptions will be processed by phone. After the adoption is completed, we will arrange a time for you to pick up your pet. 
  • When you adopt:
    • You will provide your government-issued ID number and date of birth.
    • We will process the adoption and provide you with copies of all available medical and behavioral records.
    • We will register your new pet's microchip (if applicable) with 24PetWatch.
    • You will sign our adoption contract and pay adoption fees
    • If you reside in Seattle or King County, you must purchase a two year pet license at the time of adoption. 

6. Celebrate! 

  • In-Shelter Pets:  Most pets can go home with you the same day. There are occasions where the pet will need to stay for additional veterinary care or spay/neuter surgery, in which case the officer will advise you when your pet will be ready for pickup.
  • Foster Pets:  Once the adoption is completed and staff has received your signed adoption contract, you and the foster parent will set a mutually agreeable time to transfer the pet to you. In some cases, the pet may not be able to go home until additional veterinary care or spay/neuter surgery is completed.