Community Engagement

In 2021, the JET RET website was developed, and a centralized JET email was created as the point of contact for the community.

Stakeholder Survey – surveyed nightlife businesses and reviewed initial responses. Shared survey responses with stakeholders to reflect what we heard. Thanks to the businesses who participated in our survey. This is what we heard from you. We want to make sure we hit the mark and identify our next steps as we work toward racial equity to REFLECT what the community said.

A survey was conducted in 2021. The survey was shared with community members and stakeholders of the Seattle nightlife industry and community organizations through an email list and community members. We intentionally sent the survey to nightlife businesses that are owned or frequented by Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC).

We sent it out specifically to 51 BIPOC businesses and  community organizations as well as others and received response from 40 businesses. We will continue to adjust our data sets as more surveys are completed. The more voices we hear from the industry,the better the data will be.

While the perception of JET data reflects a lower rating, the experiences with JET data is on the higher end.

We found that the JET team has an overall good report, some data reflects that JET could improve in the areas of communication and engagement with the during
peak business hours.

Recurring Themes from questions and feedback:

  1. Transparency (web site info about who, what, and why we are a team)
  2. Communication- Best ways to engage-mail or in person
  3. Soft introduction/informational pre meeting with businesses
  4. How JET operates- Only departments that have a business need go into the business.  Flyer with information about who JET is and what we do.
  5. Language access flyer, web site, etc.
  6. Training inspectors
  7. Language access in field

SHARE your ideas

The City wants to stay in relationship, maintain dialogue, and obtain ongoing feedback from the nightlife community to continue to improve the program.

We are also seeking ways to reach stakeholders who may not have participated in the survey but have interest in this issue or has been impacted by the JET.

Please reach out to us at if you have ideas for how the City can best reach you or other stakeholders.