Rules for Transportation Network Companies

The City of Seattle regulates the operation of transportation network companies (TNCs), which are sometimes referred to as "ride-sharing companies." Learn more about the rules that apply to you, whether you are a driver or a representative of a transportation network company.

This TNC information sheet gives an overview of the key provisions of Ordinance 124524 that apply to TNCs and drivers. Refer to Seattle Municipal Code section 6.310 for the complete requirements and responsibilities that apply to TNCs.

TNC drivers

TNC vehicle drivers must follow operating and conduct standards and meet the City's licensing, training and other requirements. Learn about the requirements and responsibilities for TNC vehicle drivers.

Transportation network companies

Vehicles affiliated with TNCs transport people for compensation. Unlike taxicabs and for-hire vehicles, they connect with passengers only through an online dispatch application using a smartphone or tablet. Fares are set by the TNC and must be shown to passengers and paid through the online dispatch application. Learn about the requirements and responsibilities for transportation network companies.