What Drivers and Owners Need to Know

What owners and drivers need to know

The City of Seattle and King County each created a Wheelchair Accessible Services (WAS) Fund to support the continued viability of wheelchair accessible for-hire transportation service for passengers throughout the City and County.  Refer to SMC 6.310.175 and KCC 6.64.111 for more information.

The purpose of the WAS Fund is to offset the higher operational costs of providing wheelchair accessible for-hire transportation for wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) owners and drivers.  WAV owners and drivers may be eligible to receive reimbursements for trips provided to passengers in wheelchairs, shifts operated in a WAV, additional WAV-specific training, and costs associated with acquiring and maintaining a WAV. 

Reimbursements from the WAS Fund are governed by a joint City-County rule (FOR-HIRE-TRANSPORTATION-01-2022 / FIN-10-3-4-PR ).  For a summary of the various WAS Fund reimbursement types and eligibility requirements, refer to the WAS Fund Reimbursement Summary. 

Annual Reports - WAS Fund Reimbursements

Reimbursements from the Wheelchair Accessible Services Fund are listed in the following reports:

Data on wheelchair accessible taxicab (WAT) owners and drivers who receive reimbursements from the Wheelchair Accessible Services Fund is also available for each year.