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Seattle Smart911

Smart911 is a national third-party system that stores data you provide and makes it available to emergency call centers that are equipped and ready to receive Smart911 data. 

Sign Up for Smart911

Create a profile by going to the Smart911 national site.

Your profile will only be available to the Seattle Community Assisted Response and Engagement (CARE) department and emergency services when you actually call 911. 

What is Smart911?

  • Smart911 is a free service that allows users to provide more information about themselves or their households to 911 centers in case of emergencies. 
  • Once you have a Smart911 profile, when anyone dials 911 from any of the phones associated with the profile (including mobile phones) 911 call takers have access to much more information, including any medical conditions that you provide. 
  • This service is helpful for everyone, especially for those with mobile/wireless devices that may be used to call 911, those with medical conditions or a disability, or those who have caretaker or guardian responsibilities for vulnerable relatives. 

How does Smart911 differ from Alert Seattle?

  • Smart911 provides information to the City of Seattle only when you call 911. The City cannot access this information except when you call to report an emergency.  
  • Alert Seattle is the City's official emergency alert system which can send text, email, and phone alerts during emergencies based on your location. Learn more about AlertSeattle here.  

Regional Support for Smart911

  • The Smart911 system is a nationally recognized system used throughout King County and many 911 centers throughout the country.  
  • You have complete control over what data you provide and what you choose to share. 
  • The City cannot access the information you provide to Smart911 UNTIL you call 911, does not retain your information, and does not use for any purpose besides providing emergency.  
  • Learn more about Smart911 and Frequently Asked Questions here.

Community Assisted Response and Engagement (CARE)

Acting Chief Amy Smith
Mailing Address: PO Box 94607, Seattle, WA, 98124-6907
Phone: (206) 625-5011 (For non-emergencies)
Contact CARE

Learn about CARE, Seattle’s 911 Center that provides emergency and non-emergency responses.