Multifamily Building Energy Solutions

As a multifamily building owner or property manager, you're continuously juggling building and resident concerns. We offer complimentary assistance and financial incentives to help you save energy and money and increase building performance and tenant satisfaction.

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Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Take control of tenant comfort by weatherizing your multifamily property. Air leaks and insufficient insulation contribute to drafts and uncomfortable temperatures. We offer incentives for window retrofits and insulation upgrades to help you improve tenant comfort and reduce energy use. Upgrades are available for owners of electrically heated apartment buildings, condominiums, retirement communities, and/or cooperatives with 5 or more units located in the our service area.

Review our multifamily weatherization incentives and multifamily weatherization program requirements.

If 50% or more of your building tenants are income-qualified, your project may be eligible to participate in City of Seattle Office of Housing HomeWise program which offers incentives up to 90% of project cost.

Commercial building retrofits of lighting fixtures, lighting controls, and HVAC controls can provide excellent energy and cost savings. Multifamily buildings with 5 or more units are eligible for common area upgrades and projects can include multiple energy conservation measures.

Review our commercial retrofit program requirements and commercial retrofit incentive list.

Typical incentives include common area and in-unit lighting, windows and insulation, appliances, whole-house fans, heat recovery ventilators, heat pump water heaters, heat pump dryers, heat pumps for in-unit space heat, Built-Green certification, and custom energy efficiency measures.

City Light offers energy efficiency incentive programs for new construction of commercial and multifamily buildings.

Equipment and whole building incentives are available for approved new commercial building construction projects.

Find additional energy efficiency programs for existing buildings.

We have partnered with distributors to offer instant discounts for qualified lighting, heating, and cooling solutions.

Lighting to Go

Our Lighting to Go program offers instant discounts on qualified commercial LED products to help your building enjoy energy savings and high-quality lighting for years to come. Lighting to Go is only available for common area measures in multifamily buildings.

Review our Lighting to Go factsheet to find eligible products and discounts and visit one of our participating distributors to purchase your discounted commercial lighting. 

Heating and Cooling Equipment

Contractors can receive instant discounts on qualified heat pumps under 5.4 tons and heat pump water heaters less than or equal to 120 gallons.

Have your contractor contact a participating distributor to purchase discounted equipment on your behalf. 

We offer easy and quick rebates to help reduce the cost of energy efficiency projects. Multifamily properties with 5 or more units may be eligible for energy conservation measures in common area spaces. These simple rebates do not require pre-approval, however, be sure to carefully review eligibility requirements, and rebate applications must be received within 90 days of purchase.

View all Simple Rebate Offers

Advanced Rooftop Controls

Adding advanced rooftop controls to constant speed packaged rooftop units can save up to 60% on your fan energy cost and provided improved comfort, better indoor air quality, and remote control energy monitoring and management.

Visit Trade Ally Network Northwest to learn more.

While we do not provide contractor recommendations or endorsements, we do recommend that you get a minimum of three bids and always check references. Here are a few resources to help you find a contractor for your project:

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters

HVAC and Lighting

Building Envelope

ASHRAE Modeling

Tune Up Specialists


More and more City Light business customers are considering whole building electrification to benefit from affordable, clean electricity with a net-zero impact and to improve tenant and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about our electrification plans and strategies.

Find financial incentives for electrically powered equipment for existing facilities.

Thinking about hosting electric vehicle (EV) charging at your building? Learn more about the City of Seattle's Drive Clean Initiative and find more information about installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging for Seattle-based multifamily properties.

Additional Resources

Lighting Design Lab

Offering training and technical support for the design of lighting systems, including mock-ups to see before you buy.

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