Arroyo Conduit Installation

Map showing area of work in the Arroyo neighborhood

Project Description

Underground, direct buried cables in the Arroyo neighborhood are approaching the end of their useful life and will require new electrical conduits and cables. Seattle City Light has identified several areas within the Arroyo neighborhood that will require installing new conduits, vaults, and other associated work. Streetlights will also be replaced as part of this work.


Crews are working in the Arroyo and Arbor Heights neighborhoods in southeast Seattle.

What's Happening Now?

Project Update (June 2022): We're excited to announce that crews have completed the final electrical and streetlight work in the Arroyo/Arbor Heights neighborhood. The system improvements will result in enhanced electrical reliability for customers in this area. We appreciate your patience throughout the duration of this project.

Community Benefits

  • This work will result in enhanced electrical reliability and efficiency.

Anticipated Impacts

  • City Light crews will be working in multiple locations at a time. Customers can expect temporary parking and traffic restrictions. Crews will work to limit traffic impacts.
  • Maintenance power outages are required to do the work safely. Affected residents will be notified in advance before any outage.
  • Trenching for conduits will occur in the public right-of-way (e.g. street and planting strips). Some sidewalk and driveway aprons will be affected. Trenches will be covered with steel plates or fenced off outside of construction work hours.
  • City Light crews will work closely with Seattle Department of Transportation's (SDOT) Urban Forestry group to ensure the protection of trees. SDOT staff may be onsite to monitor this work.
  • All affected areas will be restored and repaved, in accordance with SDOT guidelines.
  • Individual electrical service connections to new developments (homes/buildings) are not included in this work. The homeowner is responsible for installing conduit in their private property. Learn more at
  • The City of Seattle sets regulations based on national standards for roadway lighting to maintain safe driving conditions and pedestrian safety. It is City Light's responsibility to follow those standards. After careful assessment, City Light determined additional lighting was required to provide proper lighting conditions in Arroyo/Arbor Heights. Some areas may receive additional lighting as part of this project.
  • Crews will be installing 3000K LED streetlights in several areas. The Cleveland style streetlight fixture will be installed in smaller, residential streets. The Arieta fixture will be installed along Marine View Drive. These installations are anticipated to occur after civil construction is completed. See photos below:

Examples of the streetlights that will be installed in the Arroyo area

  • Construction Start: May 2018
  • Duration: Until 1st quarter 2022
  • Daily Work Schedule: Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; weekends 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Some evening work may be required.

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