Shoreline Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charger

Project Description

City Light is proposing to build a new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at the Town & Country Market in Shoreline. Anyone with an electric vehicle will be able to use the charging station. Drivers will need to pay a fee to charge. The fee is designed to pay for the electricity and the cost of building the station. Construction is expected to begin in January 2024. The project will take approximately three months to complete.


15505 Westminster Way N, Shoreline, WA 98133

What's Happening Now?

Project update March 2024: This project is currently in construction.

Community Benefits

  • City Light is installing publicly accessible EV fast chargers throughout the utility's service area to ensure that neighborhoods have equitable access to EV charging. The utility is running this program to provide a public service to customers and to better understand EV charging impacts on the electrical system.
  • The program supports Seattle's clean transportation initiative, which has goals to remove EV adoption barriers and reduce pollution and carbon emissions across the transportation sector.
  • Electric vehicles don't have tailpipes and don't release harmful smog-forming pollutants. Driving an EV can help improve community air quality and public health and help fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increasing the accessibility of EV chargers in the city will allow people who choose to drive an EV to get the most out of their cars. New and used EVs have become much more affordable and are now in most drivers' price range.

Anticipated Impacts

  • Crews will install fencing at the Town & Country parking lot during construction.
  • City Light anticipates that these chargers will be operational and open to the public in May or June 2024.


Anticipated construction start is March 2024.

City Light

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