Seattle Voices

The Seattle City Council has been making audio recordings of its proceedings, including committee meetings and public hearings, since 1955, although there are very few recordings before 1969. This page offers samples of audio material from selected events on a variety of topics. Note that these samples are not intended to be a full representation of what happened at any meeting but are small excerpts.

Audio holdings at the Seattle Municipal Archives are primarily of City Council Committee and Full Council meetings. The recordings provide a different perspective on the legislative process than can be gained from textual documents alone. Audio recordings of meetings allow individuals not documented elsewhere in the Archives to come to life and provide context and insight to the creation of City policies and legislation.

Audio recordings are searchable by date, subject, and associated legislation in SMA's Digital Collections. Note that the sound quality is quite variable on these recordings.

People and Issues

Aaron Roberts (2001)
Includes Dustin Washington, Robert Jeffery, and Richard McIver

Seize Time for Oppressed People (1974)
Includes Adriane Nihaund, Mark Levin, Judith Freel, and Elmer Dixon

Central Area Housing Issues (1972)
Includes Pearl Armstrong, John Floy, Mary Garlic, Bill Stone, and a former employee of the city's Building Department

Law and Justice Planning (1972)
Includes Philip Sherburne

Police Review Board (1965)
Includes Alvin Ziontz, E. June Smith, Rev. Samuel McKinney, and Ernest Barth

Teen Dance Ordinance (2000)
Includes Krist Novoselic and Chris Walla

Roma in Seattle (1973)
Includes Sylvester Burch, Ephraim Stevens, Clara Fraser, and Councilmembers Bruce Chapman and Jeanette Willams

R.H. Thomson Expressway (1969)
Includes Mayor Floyd Miller, James McCurdy, Bill Mary, Maynard Arsove, and Margaret Tunks

Low Income Housing at Pike Place Market (1977)
Includes Shirley Collins

Rent Control (1976)
Includes Marie Donohoe, Donna McArthur, Russell Farrell, and Elisabeth Garlichs

Women's Shelter (1975)
Includes Melissa Thompson, Tamara Turner, and Frances Johnson

Condo Conversions (1978)
Includes Clifton Albright, Sharon Feigon, Bob Royer, and Margaret Thornton

Redlining (1976)
Includes Councilmember Paul Kraabel, Karen Morgan, Edward Lange, and Nick Licata

City Charter Review (1971)
Includes Councilmember Jeanette Williams and Jean Godden

Street Musicians (1974)
Includes Jim Page

Bicycle Registration (1978)
Includes Councilmembers Michael Hildt and Sam Smith

Opening the Doors of Government (1978)
Includes Nick Licata

Intermittent Workers (1977)
Includes John Scannell

Central Area Police Precinct (1977)
Includes Councilmember Sam Smith

Energy Conservation (1977)
Includes Councilmember Jonathan Whetzel and Robin Calhoun

Crimes Against Women (1975)
Includes Sheila Bayne

Roberto Maestas (1973 and 1997)

Interstate 90 (1970)
Includes Councilmember Tim Hill, Robert Eyre, Ed Banks, Tom Gayton, Pat Emerson, Carl McCray, William Merry, and Kathy Howlett

Open Housing (1963)
Includes Rev. John H. Adams, Tak Kubota, Rabbi Norman Hirsch, Robert Gans, Nancy McGhee, Eileen Meacham, Rev. Thomas W. Miller, and Wing Luke

Bicycles at Westlake (1977)
Includes Councilmember Tim Hill and Bill Stalzer

Sewage and Environmental Health (1977)
Includes Eldon L. Grimes and Margaret Ceis

Sexual Orientation and Housing Discrimination (1972)
Includes Tim Mayhew

Inquest for Louis Jones (1971)
Includes African American community leader Larry Gossett and Acting Mayor Charles M. Carroll

Women in the Fire Department (1977)
Includes Councilmember Jeanette Williams at a Seattle City Council Budget Committee meeting

Hollow Point Bullets (1975)
Includes Police Chief Robert Hanson, Jonathan Hake, Judith Freel, Roberto Maestas, and Rev. Samuel McKinney

Musicians in the Pike Place Market (1975)
Includes Garry Marshall and Sam Smith

Medical Waste Incineration (1994)
Includes Dr. Glover Barnes and Liz Moses from Washington Toxics Coalition