Understand the Marijuana License Review

All businesses that produce, process or sell marijuana in Seattle must possess both a valid Seattle Marijuana Business License and a Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) Marijuana License.

Seattle Marijuana License

In 2015, Seattle passed legislation (SMC 6.500) requiring that all marijuana businesses operating in Seattle possess a valid Seattle Marijuana Business License issued by the City Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS). Detailed information regarding licensing requirements and process can be found at SMC 6.500 and on the FAS website at www.seattle.gov/business-regulations/marijuana-businesses.

In addition to licensing, FAS regulates marijuana businesses for compliance with SMC 6.500 and Director's Rules. Many of the Director's Rules mirror regulations in the Washington State Administrative Code and can be found on the FAS website at clerk.seattle.gov/~CFS/CF_320287.pdf.

WSLCB Marijuana License

The City also plays a role in the WSLCB Marijuana License process. Every WSLCB marijuana license application within the City limits is reviewed by a precinct liaison attorney and multiple City regulatory agencies. Under WAC 314-55-160, the Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) will notify the City of all marijuana premises applications within the City limits. The City comments in writing to WSLCB on new applications and license renewals. This process is the same for liquor licenses (the City's internal review processes for WSLCB marijuana and liquor licenses are substantially the same). The City performs due diligence in reviewing all applications/renewals of WSLCB marijuana licenses to ensure compliance with state and local law and the public health, safety and welfare of the City. Information regarding WSLCB marijuana licenses can be found at lcb.wa.gov/mjlicense/cannabis-licensing.

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