Rob Saka


I am honored to have been elected to represent District 1. We are a growing and dynamic area that includes West Seattle, Georgetown, South Park, Sodo, and Pioneer Square. Living in the Delridge neighborhood with my wife and three children, I’ve seen the changes District 1 has faced in the last few years - both the progress and the struggles. The District has grown to over 100,000 residents and counting and has seen outstanding economic growth.

But even as we grow bigger and better, we can’t forget that common sense and thoughtful deliberation are the heart and soul of legislation that can help us prosper. My legislative priorities include improving public safety, taking action to end homelessness, and building affordable housing. I’m also focusing on critically needed public infrastructure investments like bridge maintenance, road repairs, sidewalks, and potholes. I am committed to addressing the underlying causes that threaten the health of our community and to creating community-based solutions for the problems facing District 1.

As important as broader issues are, it’s also crucial we focus on “the little things” that get overlooked – all the things that make a city a place we call ‘home’. That means a focus on infrastructure and improving public transit, but also maintaining vibrant parks and culture, and cultivating the kind of future in which all of District 1 can be proud.

If you’d like to weigh in on what that looks like, I welcome your collaboration. You can contact Team Saka by emailing or by calling my office at 206-684-8801.


Councilmember Rob Saka

Rob Saka

Rob Saka is a father of three, attorney, justice reform advocate, Air Force Veteran, and West Seattle resident. His father taught him the importance of hard work and selfless service – guiding principles that are pillars in his everyday life.

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