Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program

The Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), funded through the State of Washington's Department of Early Learning and the City of Seattle, offers part-day and full-day, high-quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate preschool services for eligible 3- and 4-year-olds and their families. The primary goal is to help participating children develop the skills they need to be ready for school and acquire a passion for lifelong learning. Families have access to information, resources, and training that support them in moving towards their individual and family goals.

ECEAP also acknowledges that families are their child's first teacher and it is important that families have access to information and resources that help support their child's development.

Each ECEAP site is unique and may offer a part-day preschool or full-day integrated services. Part-day programs provide three to four hours of instruction for children, four to five days a week from September to May/June. Full-day programs provide full day care for working families as well as preschool, five days a week from September to May/June. Teachers provide daily opportunities for children to improve skills in language and literacy, math, science, social studies, arts, physical, social and emotional development.

ECEAP provides:

  • Nurturing staff who are well trained in how to foster each child's sense of security, confidence and readiness for kindergarten
  • Developmentally and culturally appropriate classroom activities designed to support the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of each child
  • Health, nutrition and developmental screenings to support healthy growth and development
  • Inclusive services for children with disabilities
  • A safe and healthy environment for children
  • Additional support for families including parent education and referrals for needed resources

DEEL provides funds to non-profit, community-based organizations operating ECEAP classrooms. Funding is provided by the Washington State Department of Early Learning and the City of Seattle.

Eligibility and Application Information

Part-day ECEAP preschools are located in numerous locations in Seattle. Full-day ECEAP Preschools are located in licensed child care centers in Seattle. Payment assistance may be available if families need help paying for a full-day program through the Working Connections Child Care or City of Seattle Child Care Assistance Program.


  • Children must be three or four years old by August 31 of the participating year
  • Families must live or work in Seattle city limits
  • Families must be within the income limits below
  • Programs are located throughout Seattle
  • Foster children are eligible

2022-23 Income Limits:

Family Size

Gross Monthly Family Income
2 -0-  to  $2,206
3 -0-  to  $2,726
4 -0-  to  $3,245
5 -0-  to  $3,764
6 -0-  to  $4,283
Call for family size greater than 6

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