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Not sure where to start to meet State and proposed City requirements? Start here with the Seattle Clean Buildings Accelerator.

It's a no-cost technical support program for owners and managers of buildings 50,000 SF and larger to understand the State of WA Clean Buildings law, reduce emissions, and get on the path to compliance. The program includes an educational website and light coaching and training that is tailored to your building(s) to help prioritize next steps. One or more people from an organization can join.

All building owners are welcome, and we especially encourage BIPOC, nonprofits, and owners of buildings that serve or are in frontline communities to join our free light coaching and training.1 This can include many types of buildings like non-profits, buildings with BIPOC-owned small businesses, healthcare, museums, shelters, schools, community centers and more. 

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Two Offerings to Start

  • Educational Website: Self-led learning including pre-recorded webinars, common energy and carbon reduction opportunities, templates, how to identify targets, energy efficiency and emissions reduction opportunities. Visit

  • Light Coaching & Training: Tailored support, including live virtual workshops, site-specific virtual energy walk through, expert review of documents, project identification and prioritization. The coaching includes virtual group sessions  interspersed with one-on-one coaching calls. One of more people from your organization can participate.

Help Participants 

  • Plan to comply with the State Clean Buildings Standards
  • Explore and understand financial incentives like federal support, King County C-PACER and upcoming City of Seattle funding. Learn more
  • Learn about ways to meet Seattle Energy Code and the proposed Seattle Emissions Performance Standard
  • Select buildings enrolled in light coaching can get extra analysis support to move energy and emissions reduction projects from idea to implementation.

We expect to offer more sessions in 2024. Please email to join the program mailing list, sign-up or learn more.

A team led by Stillwater Energy, which has experience implementing similar programs for SnoPUD and Puget Sound Energy, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion experience in the context of strategic energy management for buildings is leading the coaching sessions and education program implementation.

1- Seattle's Green New Deal supports the program within the City of Seattle and has a prioritization on buildings serving frontline communities. Frontline communities include black people, Indigenous people, sovereign tribal nations, communities of color, immigrants, refugees, youths, elders, houseless people, disabled people, LGBTQ+ people, people with low and no income, and people who work in outdoor occupations.

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