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The Sustainable Buildings Policy (PDF; established by Resolution 31326) for municipal facilities aims to maximize the environmental quality, economic vitality, and social health of our city through the design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and decommissioning of City-owned buildings. Sustainable buildings support overall City objectives by making efficient use of energy, water, and material resources; reducing climate change; minimizing pollution and hazardous materials; creating healthy indoor environments; creating vibrant spaces for people; and contributing to Seattle's neighborhoods.

The Policy sets the following goals for City-owned properties:  

  • New construction and major renovations 5,000 square feet or greater must meet LEED Gold, as well as key performance requirements for energy and water efficiency, waste diversion and bicycle facilities.
  • Tenant Improvements 5,000 square feet or greater, with a scope of work that includes mechanical, electrical and plumbing, must meet LEED Gold, as well as water efficiency and waste diversion requirements.
  • Small projects, either new construction, renovations or tenant improvements, are to utilize Capital GREEN, a green design and construction evaluation tool developed by FAS, in project planning and development.
  • All new and existing sites projects shall follow best management practices.  

Learn more about the development of the Sustainable Buildings Policy by reading the background report and Mayor's recommendations.  The policy builds on Seattle's previous green building policy, the nation's first. That policy, adopted in February 2000, called for new City-funded projects and renovations with over 5,000 square feet of occupied space to achieve a LEED Silver rating. 

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