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2022 DVP Update

South Park Community Center and Site Redevelopment

South Park Community Center updates

In 2022, SPR decided to combine the work for the playfield with the work needed for the community center into one package. The current wave of improvements focuses on replacing the gas fired boiler with an electric heat pump system, that will also provide cooling in the summers. SPR also received a grant to install solar panels on the building to completely electrify the community center. The playfield will receive a full renovation, with a new synthetic turf field, lights, and the play area will be relocated away from the highway and include a spray park.

Next milestone: The combined package for the playfield and community center renovations will go out for bid to contractors in early 2023. SPR has a goal to finalize construction by the end of 2024.

Georgetown Off-Leash Area (OLA)

Georgetown Flume updates

This project is a coordinated effort between SPR, SDOT, and SCL.  The design includes a portion of the SDOT Georgetown to South Park Connection with a lit multi-use trail, a large bio-retention cell, a small and shy dog off-leash area, regular off-leash area and over 80 trees. In early 2022 the WA Department of Ecology required an Interim Action Work Plan (IAWP) that Ecology must approve (this process takes 9-12 months to complete). There is on-going cleanup of the landscape that the Off-Leash Area is connected to under an Agreed Order (No. DE 5685) between Ecology, Boeing, the City, and King County.

Next milestone:  As a result of these requirements and process, project construction has been delayed to Summer of 2023, contingent upon Ecology’s approval of the IAWP.

Duwamish Waterway Park

Waterway Park updates

2022 has been a dynamic year for Duwamish Waterway Park that has seen improvements to the park following final construction.  While the project was in the Voluntary Cleanup Program, the WA Department of Ecology (Ecology) moved it into a formal cleanup process under an Agreed Order through the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA). With the completed construction, fencing that limited access to the park has been moved to limit access around areas of concern that may need further testing for pollutants and therefore may need further cleanup as part of the Agreed Order.

Next milestone: SPR looks forward to working with Ecology to move through the Agreed Order process and engage with stakeholders and the community in their public outreach process.  This may include additional sampling and definition of contaminant loads within the soil.  If additional remediation is needed, that scope and timetable will be part of the Agreed Order process.

South Park Plaza

South Park Plaza updates

SPR secured a King County Healthy Communities Grant to help fund the cultural/community elements for the park. These include a solar charging station, multi-cultural elements for the “South Park” sign, tile work for the plaza seat wall in the park, and Indigenous people's stories in pathways, stone erratic, and interpretive exhibits. The design team is nearing 100% construction documentation and will bring the project forward for bidding. 

Next milestone: SPR anticipates that project will go out to bid in early 2023 and that this construction will be completed by the end of the year, hopefully by winter 2023/2024.

Other Outdoor Space Improvements

Georgetown Playfield 

Seattle Parks and Recreation resurfaced the Georgetown Playfield in 2022 with new turf and infill for the synthetic playfield. The renovated field now has markings for soccer and ultimate frisbee. Additionally, the southeast corner of the field offers markings for kickball, softball, or baseball. All can be played without inserting bases.

Marra-Desimone Park

SPR completed the first phase of Marra-Desimone Park improvements at the beginning of 2022 and the park is open. This first phase was shaped by budget and community priorities, and included accessible pathways and walking loops, a central open green area, benches, picnic tables, drainage improvements, paved parking lot with accessible (ADA) parking, a new irrigation system with solar powered control system and 80+ trees and grass plantings.

Next milestone: The second phase for Marra-Desimone Park improvements will begin in 2023, which includes the play area and construction anticipated in 2025.

Unity Electric

In 2021, SPR purchased a 1-acre site on the Duwamish River (Unity Electric site), next to Duwamish Waterway Park to support community interests in open space, increasing access to the river, habitat restoration, and developing community-supportive nonprofit spaces. In 2022, SPR and OPCD developed a site planning process to engage community members in helping to identify the major elements on the site, what will be included in the project, and where these buildings and elements will be located. This project is one of the pilot projects for the Resilience District work.

Next milestone: In 2023, SPR and OPCD will engage community in finalizing a plan for the Unity Electric site, which will ultimate shape the future design of the project, and help community and City partner with agencies and organizations to fund construction of the improvements identified in the plan.

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