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Clean & Efficient Energy Use
Seattle prioritizes clean energy because the health and environmental costs of fossil fuels is too great. The cost of dirty energy reveals itself in asthma and cancer rates, water and air pollution, and in greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Most of Seattle's electricity comes from clean, carbon-neutral hydroelectric power. Since 2005, Seattle City Light has met all of our electricity needs through conservation or renewables--a strategy that is key to keeping Seattle healthy and electricity costs low. 

Residential & commercial energy savings

Energy Use

Goal: Reduce energy use in homes by 20% and commercial buildings by 10% by 2030 
Since 2008, we've saved nearly 9% in homes and 3% in commercial buildings.

Seattle's Energy Benchmarking and Building Tune-Ups programs are helping building owners reduce energy use. Seattle City Light offers a range of solutions to help homeowners reduce energy use.

Counter showing 1000 homes converted from oil

Oil Heated Homes

Goal: Convert all homes off oil heat
Since 2012, we've converted 1,000 homes from using dirty oil to clean Seattle City Light energy.

Seattle is currently offering great incentives for homeowners to ditch dirty oil and make the switch to "clean heat" with electric heat pumps. In addition to the environmental and climate benefits heat pumps provide, you will save money on your heating costs and have the option for air conditioning in the summer!

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Solar Capacity

Goal: Grow Seattle's solar capacity
Seattle's solar capacity is now over 20MW - which is 125 times more than what we had in 2008.

Over 3,160 residents and businesses have installed solar panels in Seattle and over 1,300 residents have joined community solar programs through Seattle City Light. Interested in solar energy for your home or business? Start here

Graphic showing 4816 low income homes weatherized

Energy efficiency in low-income homes

Goal: Increase energy efficiency for homeowners and renters with low incomes
Since 2014, over 4800 Seattle residents have received weatherization upgrades through the Homewise program. Approximately one-third were people of color. This includes 703 single-family homes and 4,146 multi-family homes.

Utilities are one of a household's greatest expenses. For families with low incomes living in older homes, money could be leaking out of the cracks. Since 1980, the HomeWise program has offered weatherization services to income eligible households, helping thousands to decrease their energy bills and increase their comfort and safety. Services are provided through federal, state and local utility funding. All weatherization work is contracted and managed by the HomeWise Program and is FREE of charge for eligible households.

Windmill graphic showing 9% from renewable sources

Renewable Energy

Goal: Acquire 15% of electricity from new renewable sources by 2020
In 2018, we acquired 9% of our electricity from renewable sources

This is a combination of renewable energy credits and new renewable sources including wind power, landfill gas capture, and waste to heat cogeneration. 

Sustainability and Environment

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