Magnolia Manor Park

Address: 3500 28th Ave W


  • Honeybee
  • Accessible Raised Beds
  • Giving Garden(s)
  • Meeting Space outdoor (with seating and cover)

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 46
Established: 2013
Size: 15,600 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 6-12 months

Magnolia Manor Park P-Patch
Magnolia Manor Park was designed and developed with money from the Seattle Parks & Green Space Levy, with additional fundraising and labor provided by the Magnolia Manor community.

Sustainable Magnolia, a neighborhood organization, received a Small and Simple Neighborhood Matching Fund award from the Department of Neighborhoods to create an updated site design for Magnolia Manor Park. To accomplish this, project leaders hosted a community-driven process, including three public input meetings, with the goal of creating a mixed-use place of beauty, vibrancy, and sustainability for all members of the community. The Magnolia Manor P-Patch Garden grew out of this process. The Friends of Magnolia Manor Park spearheaded development of the park.

Get Involved!
If you are interested in designing, building, or gardening in this or any other P-Patch, find out more about the P-Patch sign-up process here. To sign up as a P-Patch participant, call (206) 684-0264, email, or sign up online.