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Seattle Center Arena

The City of Seattle and Oak View Group (OVG) negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to redevelop KeyArena into a world-class arena, ready for professional hockey, basketball, and music. This project includes a new entry atrium, below grade expansion for additional seating and circulation, a below grade loading dock, vehicular tunnel and parking for up to 400 vehicles to be provided below grade.

Youth Employment

Compared to the City of Seattle's overall unemployment rate of 4.8%, Seattle youth ages 16-19 have an unemployment rate of 21%, and youth ages 20-24 hover around 10%. Seattle youth are missing out on vital work experience and income while employers are missing out on cultivating a future workforce. Summer job programs provide skills necessary for young people who otherwise would be left out of the labor market. First work experiences that teach professionalism, work readiness, and 21st century skills are critical in providing young people with a pathway to success and upward mobility. Youth employment has positive effects on lifetime employment, earnings and net worth.

Commercial Affordability

The current period of rapid economic growth threatens to displace small businesses unless the City takes action to help resolve the problem. In April 2016 Mayor Ed Murray formed a Commercial Affordability Advisory Committee to evaluate the complex issues and recommend solutions in support of commercial affordability. On September 28, 2016 Mayor Murray presented the committee's recommendations and shared his Commercial Affordability Action Plan.

Economic Development

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The mission of the Office of Economic Development (OED) is to help create healthy businesses, thriving neighborhoods, and community organizations to contribute to a robust economy that will benefit all Seattle residents and future generations.