Add Your Business to the Shop Your Block Map

How to Use this Map

Step One: Check the map

Enter your business into the address bar in the top left corner of the map to check whether your business is already included.

Step Two: Verify Information

If your business is already on the map, verify that the information provided is correct. If anything needs to be updated, click the "Business Owners Click Here" link in the pop-up and complete the survey. Submit the survey and you're done!

Step Three: Add your Business

If your business is NOT already on the map, fill out this survey. Submit your survey and you're done!

Step Four: Editing Your Information

You can edit your information at any time by coming back to this map. This map is for business owners only and should not be distributed to members of the public.

How to Use the Survey

The following are some tips for filling out the survey to provide the best results for your customers. As circumstances change, you can revisit your survey to adjust the information as many times as you like.

Business Name

If there is more than one business with the same name, add a neighborhood to the end of the business name to denote locations. For example:

Bartell Drugs - Downtown
Bartell Drugs - Rainier Valley

Bartell Drugs - Wallingford

Business Address

Adding the complete address will help customers use our routing service to get directions to your business.

Business Phone

Add a number for the business. Be careful not to add the personal number of the owner if there is another number on site.

Days of Operation

Check all days that your business is open.

Hours of Operation

Add your business hours and any details.

Business Picture

Upload or take a picture of your business to be shared with the public.

This business is available for:

Check the shopping options that apply to your business.

  • Online shopping
  • In-person shopping
  • Curbside pickup
  • Appointment required

Business Website 

Make sure to include the http:// or https://

Business Website Bar for businesses to include their website. Please include https:// or http://

Business Location

Add your business to the map using these options:

Search for the business address.

    1. In some instances this may not be exact. For example, units in a mall may stack pins on top of other pins with the same street address. Please double-check the map to make sure the pin was placed in the correct location. If not, use option 2 to refine the placement.
    2. Pan and Zoom to the business in the map window, then left click or tap on the exact location to place the pin.
    3. Click the “Find My Location” button. This option is only available when using a secure connection.

Adding your business location to the map. Map with search address.

Business Ownership:

Check the ownership details that apply to the business.

  • BIPOC owned business (Black/Indigenous/People of Color)
  • Woman owned business
  • LGBTQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer) owned business
  • Veteran owned business

Business Keywords

Add searchable keywords to help customers find your business. Separate keywords with a comma (e.g. Arts & Crafts, Clothing, Pet Store).

Remove from Map

If this check box is selected:

  • your location and business information will stay in the database
  • it will NOT appear on public map, but...
  • it will show as a black icon on the business owners map; you can revisit the location to add it back to the public map by unselecting the check box

Hit “Submit” if you are happy with your edits. 

If you are not happy with your edits, close the window and your edits will not be saved.

Submit Button

For questions or troubleshooting, please contact  or call (206) 684-8090. 

Thank you!

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