Workforce Development

Our team focuses on growing the skills of our current and future workforce to be part of region's world-class talent pool.  We are working to build career pathways to economic mobility by closing skills gaps in targeted growth industries.  With our education and employer partners, we are aligning education and training programs with industry needs to give jobseekers targeted in-demand skills while also helping businesses access the talent they need to grow.  Career pathways align education and training programs with industry needs to help individuals develop the skills they need to get in-demand jobs and advance in their careers, while helping employers access the skilled workers they need to compete.         

OED also represented the Mayor of Seattle, who along with the King County Executive, are the chief local elected officials (CLEOs) for federal Workforce Investment Opportunity Act grants that funds employment and training services for adults, dislocated workers, and youth.  The CLEOs appoint a local workforce board and together, the CLEOs oversee the administration of workforce development services and provides strategic direction for workforce development programs.

Future of Work

Cashier Wearing Mask

Work is changing. Advancements in technology are transforming our economy into a Network Economy where people work together across time and distance through technology and digitization. In preparation for the Network Economy, Seattle Office of Economic Development (OED) is working with regional workforce partners to prepare residents for the Future of Work.

Youth Employment

Young person being mentored in an engineering internship

Our Youth Employment programs connect young people to enriching, paid employment opportunities while growing our local workforce.


Shadae Holmes presenting at TechHire Launch event

TechHire expands learning pathways, transforms hiring practices, and builds inclusive tech communities.

Data & Resources

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We work with our partners to develop research and data around current workforce development issues. 


Man leaning against wall, looking at the camera with arms crossed. Behind him a group of students work on laptops.

Meet the people we serve.

Employment Training Inventories

Seven adults in casual/professional wear lean against a gray backdrop. One of them is in a wheelchair. They are a range of ages, gender presentations, and ethnicities.

Career Pathways Initiatives

Three medical assistants are smiling in their uniforms in a medical setting

Our work connects Seattle residents to high wage careers, while helping local businesses find the talent they need.

Contact the Workforce Development Team

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