City Planning for Delridge Station

About This Project

Informing City and Sound Transit decision making about this station

Delridge Station* is part of Sound Transit’s West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions project and will connect the neighborhood and surrounding areas to the regional Link Light Rail system by 2032**.

The City of Seattle centers Racial Equity in our work, and together with communities and Sound Transit we have identified project-wide outcomes under the framework of a Racial Equity Toolkit (RET). Station-specific RET outcomes have been identified for the proposed Delridge Station:

  • Excellent transfer experience including bus and rail integration and options for RET community-desired amenities provided at the station;
  • Equitable transit-oriented development serving the community.

Read our fact sheet to learn more about how the City will help communities prepare for new light rail service and accompanying neighborhood change.

*Station names are temporary, final station name will be selected based on Sound Transit’s Station Naming Policy

**For details on the project delivery dates, please refer to Sound Transit’s website

Station Area Planning and Community Planning

The City of Seattle also partners with communities to develop place-based plans for urban villages and around light rail stations to help ensure that the investment at and around the stations best serve the community’s vision.

The Office of Planning and Community Development previously engaged with the communities at the north end of the Delridge corridor under the North Delridge Action Plan, completed in 2018.

We are now starting to engage with communities at the southern portion of the corridor under the South Delridge Action Plan to build up a community vision that may help shape growth and investments in their neighborhoods in the upcoming decades, including how the neighborhoods are connected with the proposed Delridge light rail station.

Early steps to launch Station Area Planning and support planning for equitable transit-oriented development for the proposed Delridge station are getting underway. The City is starting to reach out to community members and organizations to plan our engagement and planning process.

This process builds on past plans, centers community voices, and leverages strategic coordinated investment across City departments and local government agencies. 

What’s Happening Now?

Informing City and Sound Transit decision making about this station

Sound Transit is beginning Phase III of the Environmental Review process, which includes the Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS). Phase III starts in mid-2022 and is expected to conclude in early-2024.

In July 2022, Sound Transit Board has selected Andover Street - Lower Height (DEL-6) as the preferred alternative for Delridge Station. The preferred alternative designation indicates a preference, but it is not final decision or obligation. Sound Transit Board also directs further studies on “opportunities to provide access north and south of Andover Street at the Delridge station including a pedestrian bridge across Andover Street or shifting the alignment south towards SW Yancy St west of the station. Final decision on station locations and route alignment to be built will not be made until after the Final EIS is published. Please see Sound Transit press release on the Board Motion for more information.

Station Area Planning and Community Planning

In 2022, the Office of Planning and Community Development developed partnerships with several community organizations under the frameowrk of South Delridge Action Plan to help launch community engagement. Community engagement will expand in early 2023 with outreach to community organizations and a community survey. This engagement will help identify what people love about their neighborhoods and communities that they want to preserve and build on, and what needs support and investment.

Get Involved

Informing City and Sound Transit decision making about this station

The City has begun preliminary engagement with communities in the Delridge area regarding the proposed light rail station, please contact Nicole Kistler, Engagement and Partnerships Advisor ( for more information.

Station Area Planning and Community Planning

To learn more about South Delridge planning and station area planning, please contact David Goldberg ( or Lucien Ong (

Sound Transit

Sound Transit is also conducting engagement in the neighborhood, please refer to its’ West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions page for more information.

Project Documents

City of Seattle Ongoing and Past Planning Efforts in the Neighborhood

City of Seattle’s Citywide Planning Efforts

City of Seattle’s partnership with Sound Transit on West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions

Sound Transit Plans and Studies

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