Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center ADA Improvements

Updated: February 3, 2022

Early 2022

The construction start date for the Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center (ELC) ADA Improvements project has been deferred to October 2022 to accommodate the anticipated events and planning at the facility for the 50th Anniversary celebration of Discovery Park in 2022. Discovery Park Visitor Center, ELC, and the parking lot will be closed from October 2022 and reopen before Summer of 2023.


Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center, 3801 Discovery Park Blvd, 98199


Construction Budget: $970,000


Design: January 2020 - December 2021
Bidding: January - March 2022
Construction: October 2022 - Summer 2023

Project Description

This project corrects approximately 160 documented barriers to accessibility on the Seattle Barrier Removal Schedule. The project includes:

  • Accessible parking stalls and accessible bus load and unload zone
  • Accessible pathways from parking area to the visitor center, ELC, amphitheater, tennis courts, playground, entry kiosk, and trail system
  • A new infiltrating bio-retention pond
  • Miscellaneous interior improvements to remove ADA barriers at toilet rooms, kitchen, classrooms, etc.

All work will occur within the existing developed trail footprint. No trees and/or native vegetation will be disturbed; lawn and planting areas that are disturbed during construction will be restored once construction is completed.

Anticipated Site Impact

Visitor Center/Environmental Learning Center, main parking area, kiosk area, and trails to the tennis courts and play field will be closed to the public during construction. A portion of Tennessee Street will be temporary closed during paving improvements near the play area.