Special Use of Seattle Parks Property: Permits

Non-Parks Use of Seattle Parks and Recreation Land Policy

If you need or want to use park property for a non-park use, you must obtain permission from the Department of Parks and Recreation, usually in the form of a Revocable Use Permit. 

"Permits for Non-Park Use of Park Property" includes any private use of park land or park open space that limits or diminishes the public's ability to use or enjoy park land, even temporarily. This would include activities such as making repairs or changes to your property, installing or replacing utility lines, storing belongings on park property, and adding or removing landscaping. View the Policy for Non-Park Uses of Park Property

Park lands include parks, playgrounds, viewpoints, boulevards, and other land under control of the Department of Parks and Recreation. If you are not sure, please check with the Department before proceeding. You can phone the Department's Property Management office at (206) 233-7928 or you can click on the titles to the right to read more about Revocable Use Permits. Permits are revocable upon thirty (30) days notice or immediately upon failure of the Permittee to comply with the terms and conditions of the Permit. Unauthorized use of park property, including failure to apply for and obtain a Revocable Use Permit, is unlawful and subject to enforcement actions or other remedies as specified in Seattle Municipal Code 18.30

Applying for a Revocable Non-Park Use Permit

Download the Application, complete, sign and mail along with a non-refundable application fee of $200 to:

Seattle Parks & Recreation
Parks Real Estate Manager
Property Management Section
300 Elliott Ave W, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98119 


Listed insurance coverage information is for reference only and is based on basic coverage amounts typically required for simple projects. Additional coverage types or higher insurance coverage amounts may be required at SPR's sole discretion based on SPR's analysis of the complexity and/or risk of the project.

Permittee shall, at no cost to the City, maintain at all times during the Permit Period Commercial General Liability (CGL) and Automobile Liability insurance with minimum limits of $1,000,000 each occurrence combined single limit bodily injury and property damage. CGL and Automobile liability insurance shall include "The City of Seattle" as an additional insured for primary and non-contributory limits of liability with the CGL insurance policy including an ISO CG 20 12 additional insured endorsement or its equivalent designated or blanket additional insured policy provision.  

Certification of Insurance, including an attached actual copy of the CGL additional insured policy provision, shall be issued to "The City of Seattle, RUP 2019-xx, Seattle Parks and Recreation, 300 Elliott Ave W, Suite 100, Seattle, WA   98119" and approved by the City prior to the issuance of the Permit. 

See sample Certificate of Insurance

Revocable Use Permit Fees

Fees are summarize below.  The complete 2022 Fee Schedule was adopted by Ordinance 125208.

Application Fee - $200
(non-refundable; includes one (1) on-site inspection and two (2) hours of staff time for reviewing and processing application)

Inspection and/or Monitoring - $200 per hour
(Application fee includes one on-site inspection. Additional on-site charges at $200.00 per hour may be assessed, for on-site inspections and/or monitoring, if specified in the Permit or if necessary in the Department's judgment, due to Applicant's or Permittee's action(s), or failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the permit.)   *Exceptional permit conditions requiring staff monitoring will be billed to permittee. Full staff time expenses will be billed.

Limited Term Permit $250 per day or $325 minimum, whichever is greater.  Typically, these may be issued for 90 days or less.

Continuing Use Permit, determined by formula OR $650 minimum, whichever is greater. Refer to Fee Schedule. Typically, these may be issued for uses 91days or more. 

Processing Charges, $130 per hour (costs of staff time in excess of two (2) hours to review and process permit applications; payable prior to permit issuance.)

Continuing Use permit fees for permit periods of less than twelve (12) months are payable in full prior to permit issuance. Continuing use permit fees for permit periods anticipated to continue for twelve (12) months or more may be pro-rated and annualized and payable in advance for such annualized date as the Department shall establish. If the permit period is shorter than anticipated, the permit fees paid in advance shall be prorated for the time used and over-payment shall be refunded, except in the case of revocation due to Permittee’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the permit, in which case no refund shall be given. Permits for utility installations, such as electrical, natural gas, or telephone service, shall be charged as Limited Term permits, based on the permit period necessary for installation.

Permits for Encroachment Removal  There is no Permit Fee charged for Limited Term permits of ninety (90) days or less issued expressly to allow the removal or elimination of an encroachment onto park land.

There is no Permit Fee charged for certain non-park uses of park land which may be allowable by property right, such as driveway access from the roadway portion of a park boulevard if access is not available from any other right-of-way, or pedestrian walkway from a public sidewalk to the abutting private property, if such uses comply with established design guidelines or reasonable standards intended to preserve the public park-like character of park lands.

Parks and Recreation

AP Diaz, Superintendent
Mailing Address: 100 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98109
Phone: (206) 684-4075
Fax: (206) 615-1813

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