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Powell Barnett Park was clearly built with serious play in mind. With a children's play area, complex climbing structures, a wading pool in the summer, basketball hoops,and a broad field ideal for frisbee - there's something in the park for kids of all ages. There are benches and picnic table throughout the park, and ADA accessible restrooms in a wild castle-shaped build next to the play area.

Originally chosen by the City Planning Commission as the "east Junior High School Site", it was developed as a running track and athletic field by the nearby Garfield High School. Upon the acquisition and development of a playfield at the school, the "Garfield Track" was abandoned in 1962, sold to the Department of Parks in 1966. Playground improvements were accomplished by the community through the Central Area Motivation Program in 1967...Upon suggestion of the Leschi Improvement Council, the playground was named in 1969 to honor the council's organizer and first president, Powell Barnett.

(Edited from the files of Don Sherwood, 1916-1981, Park Historian.)

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