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Located in the heart of West Seattle, Hiawatha Playfield is within easy walking distance to many Admiral District businesses including coffee shops, restaurants and stores. It is located next to Hiawatha Community Center.

"A new era in public recreation in Seattle and in the Pacific Northwest was opened with the dedication of the recreation center on Hiawatha Playfield" in 1911. The Olmsted Brothers prepared the original design in 1911 for what was then the largest public playfield in Seattle. The Olmsted plan was drastically altered in 1932 when the demand for a longer running track caused its relocation from the east side of the center to the west and a redesign of the eastern half of the playfield.

Originally identified as the "West Seattle Playfield" in the newly annexed West Seattle (1907), it was named in time for the dedication, upon proposal of Park Commissioner Fredinand Schmitz, to honor the hero of a poem by Longfellow: Hiawatha. The 16th Century Mohawk Chieftan was famed for his miraculous powers and deeds and brought about the Five National Confederation of Indians known as the League of Iroquois. Hiawatha lived nd roamed through the forests of Northern Michigan.

The ballfield was floodlighted in 1954. In 1967, Parks lighted the tennis courts and replaced the wading pool and play equipment. The ballfields installed in 1954 developed drainage problems in winter and "paved" surface in summer, it was resurfaced in 1967 with the assistance of the SeaBee unit from Sand Point Naval Station.

(Edited from the files of Don Sherwood, 1916-1981, Park Historian.)

Current Project

The Hiawatha Play Area Relocation and Renovation project relocates the play area from the north end of the park to the grass area just south of the wading pool closer to the community center. This includes providing new play equipment and improved visibility and access at the new play area and restoring the site of the old play area. For more information see the project page.

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