Virtual Recreation

Through Virtual Recreation you can explore new opportunities to learn and engage from the safety of your own home. Visit the Seattle Parks and Recreation YouTube channel, where you can explore casual recreation, environmental education, children's story-time and other videos created by Seattle Parks and Recreation staff. We are also expanding our structured virtual programs; browse and register for those classes. We have a selection community center favorites including Adult & Senior Fitness classes, Chess, Cooking, Creative Dance, Group Piano Lessons, and Video Game Design, along with a variety of Specialized Programs for people with disabilities. There are also virtual programs for adults age 50+.

Seattle Parks and Recreation's mission is to provide welcoming and safe opportunities to play, learn, contemplate, and build community, and promote responsible stewardship of the land. For any questions about the Virtual Programs on this page, please email

Recreation to Go Kits

With our facilities tentatively expected to reopen sometime in fall 2021, we are retiring the Recreation to Go Kits.

Upcoming Classes 

Virtual Program Practice Sessions                  

Free! Practice signing in for and maneuvering in WebEx so when your class starts, you are confident about how to make everything work for you.  No pressure, just a chance to learn, troubleshoot and gain knowledge before your class starts.

42728 10/11 Mon  3:00-4:00pm Free  
42729 10/18 Mon  3:00-4:00pm Free 
42755 11/8   Mon  3:00-4:00pm Free

Virtual Pilates (Ages 50+)

Pilates can stretch and strengthen the body in keeping with balance and alignment. Mat exercises focus on finding the muscles of your powerhouse (your core or center) and strengthening this area to support your spine. Mat work enhances posture, a strong center, suppleness, a toned body and an improved sense of well-being. Feel invigorated after work out! No class 11/23 Instructor: D Dragovich. 

42912 10/26-12/14 Tues 11:30am-12:30pm $49.00

Virtual Gentle Yoga (Ages 50+)

Stretch and move with awareness, correct alignment, and a focus on breath to increase strength and stamina, improve flexibility, and develop better balance, posture, poise, and peace of mind. Class is NOT in person. No Class 11/23. Instructor: H Mair. 

42913 10/26-12/14 Tues 9:30-10:30am $49.00

BECU Virtual Financial Skills for Teens - Free!

Budgeting - In this presentation, students learn how to create and maintain budgets that fit their individual needs. Course Objectives: learn how to create and maintain a budget; identify types of income and understand how taxes apply to each type; learn the difference between variable and fixed expenses; create short and long-term financial goals. 

43569 10/13 Wed 4:30-5:30pm Free

Credit - What is credit and how does it work? Students learn the ins and outs of credit, including how to manage it. Course Objectives: learn how credit and loans work; identify ways to establish credit; learn borrower responsibilities; monitor credit using a credit report and credit score.

 43571 10/20 Wed 4:30-5:30pm Free

Identifying and Dealing with Fraud - In a world where security breaches happen, it's important to be aware of fraud. Students learn how to identify scams and reduce risky behaviors that could compromise security. Course Objectives: define "fraud" and "scams;" understand how they work and how to avoid them; identify common scams; and learn how to report fraud. 

43572 10/27 Wed 4:30-5:30pm Free

Virtual SPD Women's Personal Safety Class (Ages 14+)

Learn how to be proactive and enhance your personal safety. Through discussion and lecture you will be taught to avoid dangers situations and decrease the odds of becoming a victim. Presented to you by female Seattle police officers and female employees; this is not a self-defense class. For questions please Prior to event, a link will be sent to join, through Webex. 

43707 10/12 Tue 9:00-10:30am Free       

Virtual Pop Up Books and Paper Magic (Ages 8 to 11)

Learn how to cut and fold paper to create 2D and 3D shapes with teaching artist Jiéyì Ludden of Arts Corps. Together, you'll explore design strategies, crafting, and storytelling in an inclusive environment. Great for students in grades 3-6. A link to Webex for the class will be in your email, 2 days prior to class.

 43592 10/16-11/20 Sat 10:00-11:00am Free

Virtual Poetry - Magic Words & Magic Powers (Ages 7 to 11)

Poetry can be a great tool for grounding youth in the power of imagination and language and inviting them to find new magic in everyday life. Teaching artist Jay Thompson of Seattle Arts & Lectures' WITS program will invite students to use their five senses, explore their homes, play with words, and delight themselves with their poems. A link to Webex for the class will be in your email, 2 days prior to class. 

43594 10/13-11/17 Wed 5:00-6:00pm Free

Virtual H.I.T. (16 and older)

H.I.T. stands for High Intensity Training. H.I.T. workouts are popular because of the results they yield in such an abbreviated time. Using a combination of weighted and resisted cardio segments you will get your heart rate revved, and fire up the lower body--legs and glutes beware. It is simple to follow--three repeated sets that contain 5 exercises. Light hand weights, resistance bands, and a brick are great, but can also use household items such as 16 oz cans of vegetables, old hose or Lycra leggings. Come join the fun and you'll figure out what will work for you. This program is offered at no charge due to the Get Moving Grant. This class is virtual--NOT in person. 

43938 Tues  6:00-6:30 PM    Free

Virtual Dancing Our Natural World with Pacific Northwest Ballet (Ages 7 to 10)

Movement can share and express what you know, think, and feel. Join teaching artist of Pacific Northwest Ballet in using nature and our physical world as inspiration for movement. Great for students in grades 2-4. A link to Webex for the class will be in your email, 2 days prior to class. 

43595 10/14-11/18  Thu 5:00-6:00 PM Free

Free Virtual Recreation Videos

Arts and Crafts

Being creative allows us to open our minds to the possibilities. Here are some ways to stay creative while being stuck at home.

Suitable for Families and Specialized Programs participants: 

Art with Sav

woman making stamp art on table at home

Come get creative by doing simple arts and crafts with Savannah. Using items from your home we will make art for those of all ages and abilities. Let's have some fun!

Adult, Family, Teens, Youth:

Crafting with Chuck

Join Chuck in some fun art and crafts, using supplies that you can find around the house. These projects are good for the whole family!

Environmental learning:

 Seattle Parks and Recreation naturalist Jeanie sings us the Decomposition Song.

Jeanie from our Environmental Education Unit explains the meaning behind those chirps we hear at dawn.

Keep Learning

We all know that learning never ends. During this unprecedented time at home, take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new with our engaging recreation staff.

An older boy is playing chess with 2 younger boys and one onlooker who is smiling at the camera.

Aquatics, Environmental Learning, Athletics, Lifelong, Recreation, Specialized Programs:

Ranger Rose from the Environmental Learning program shows young folks an easy technique to find insects and gently study them. For your back yard or in a park near you!

Earthworms love rainy weather!  Lan Lum, a naturalist from Seattle Parks and Recreation, is here to share why earthworms emerge after the rain and other interesting facts about this important nature friend.

Giovannina from our Environmental Education Unit explains fun ways to identify plants in your garden and neighborhood.

ASL with Kat
Learn some basic signs in American Sign Language with Kat. Follow along with the video as she shows and explains how to sign common and useful words and terms in ASL.

Nature, Outdoors & Food

Explore the beauty of Seattle from the safety of your own home ... or explore new recipes. Here you will find a variety of entertainment and engagement.

Aquatics & Environmental Learning: 

Athletics, Lifelong Recreation, Specialized Programs:

Camp Song Sing-a-Longs and Flashback Videos

Specialized Programs staff missed being at camp and seeing everyone this year, so we thought we'd bring a little bit of camp to you with fun Camp Flashback Videos and Camp Song Sing-a-Longs! Join our staff as we visit pictures from summer's past and sing silly tunes.  

Hannah's Kitchen

A boy and girl are cutting strawberries while two other girls are conversing in the background

Learn how to cook enjoyable and easy recipes with Hannah S. in her kitchen. She will demonstrate basic kitchen skills, teach the importance of different foods, and give us a glimpse of her back yard garden! 

Anne from Lifelong Recreation shows us her meringue kisses recipe.

Performing Arts

Explore the world of performing arts with these opportunities that teach you to express yourself creatively through dance and movement.  

Athletics, Lifelong, Recreation, Specialized Programs, Adult, Family, Teens, Youth, Tot:

a teacher and young girls practicing ballet steps

Movement Breaks

Movement Breaks are activities that remind us to stay physically active! Each week features different ways of moving, such as aerobics, strength exercises, and stretching. Some weeks feature adaptive content for people with physical limitations or disability. Try it out and take a Movement Break today! 

Group Collaborative Videos  

Check out some happy moments from Specialized Programs staff! Recreation is more than just play - it's the way we learn, grow, stay healthy, and build our community. We like to have fun at Specialized Programs so watch these videos and ... come play with us!

Sports & Fitness

Now more than ever, health and well-being are a priority for our community. We hope this inspires you to stay active in a safe and engaging way.

Aquatics, Environmental Leaning, Athletics, Lifelong, Recreation, Specialized Programs: 

Movement Breaks

Woman doing yoga, stretched face down lifting their body by their hands and one foot, with the other foot lifted into the air.

Movement Breaks are activities that remind us to stay physically active! Each week features different ways of moving, such as aerobics, strength exercises, and stretching. Some weeks feature adaptive content for people with physical limitations or disability. Try it out and take a Movement Break today!