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OVERVIEW: Seattle Mentors is a mayoral initiative focused on youth mentorship managed by Seattle Parks & Recreation with a collaborative approach amongst city departments, and other public and private sectors in Seattle. Seattle Mentors promotes impactful mentorship, social/emotional health, and career exposure opportunities, where young people connect with one or more caring adults.

“Our youth deserve safe, supportive environments to learn, grow, and reach adulthood, and it will take an all-of-society effort...I never want any child in Seattle to feel like they need to leave here one day to find opportunity.” -Mayor Bruce Harrell

Director of Mentorship Romell Witherspoon introduces the Seattle Mentors program.

Welcome to Seattle Mentors!

We believe in the transformative power of mentorship to inspire growth and foster meaningful connections within our community. Through tailored mentoring opportunities, we empower our youth to reach their full potential, navigate challenges, and achieve their goals. Our dedicated team and community partners are committed to providing support, guidance, and resources to both mentors and mentees as they embark on their journey of personal and professional development.

5 Goals of Seattle Mentors

  1. Engage the Seattle community and recruit mentors for young people.

  2. Introduce youth mentorship into spaces where it has not been an active component, and strengthen youth mentorship in spaces where it already exists.

  3. Promote meaningful support and opportunities to young people within the City of Seattle.

  4. Assist young people in successful transition from middle school to high school, and from high school to postsecondary education and/or career preparation.

  5. Support youth-adult partnerships that foster opportunities for young people to recreate, rejuvenate, strengthen our environment, and build community.

4 Opportunities to Get Involved

Evolving Entourage

  • Our internal work at Seattle Parks & Recreation and the City of Seattle to optimize youth mentorship opportunities.

  • For example, our trained late night teen program staff conduct regular group mentorship sessions with youth participants. Focus is on positive youth development, developmental assets, and social/emotional skills.

The Anchor

  • Our partnerships with local schools and community based organizations.

  • Minimum commitment is to provide weekly small group mentoring sessions at approved school-based or community-based sites.

  • This mentorship is focused on post-secondary preparation, social emotional skills, and recreation access.

The Compass

  • Connecting youth with local community and industry leaders who provide career mentorship at their location or other approved locations.

  • Minimum commitment is 2-3 hours per month. This mentorship is focused on career exploration, educational path/industry mentorship and job readiness.

The Bridge

  • Engaging and inspiring Seattle residents to serve as mentors for youth. This can include informal mentorship (family members, family friends, neighbors, employers of youth, coaches).

  • Seattle Mentors creates awareness about the benefits and the basics of youth mentorship, and the many youth opportunities in Seattle.

  • We help make connections to formal mentoring opportunities and provide screening and training. We provide spaces and opportunities to play, recreate, and engage with nature.

Parks and Recreation

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