Latino Advisory Council

Note: No upcoming meeting dates. Future dates TBD.

About the Council

The Latino Advisory Council to the Seattle Police Department (SPD) was created in 2003, becoming one of ten such councils that work collaboratively with the police.

Our objectives are to work within the Framework of the Rule of Law, and through a collective, mutually responsible and binding effort, to enhance the understanding of the diverse Latino community among the authorities, commanders, officials, and employees of the SPD, as well as to generate an awareness in the Latino community of the responsibilities, functions and policies of the Department, ensuring that the enforcement of the law is just, fair, informed, and with complete observation of the fundamental rights and liberties of a human being.

Our Areas of Focus

ADVISE - the SPD on public safety issues that affect the Latino community.

DIALOGUE - Promote open and respectful dialogue that builds trust between the Latino community and the SPD.

EDUCATION - Promote and encourage officer training with regards to cultural competency. While expanding the community’s understanding of the role of police.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT - Promote and encourage community participation in the Advisory Council, events and workshops that promote public safety.