Wage Theft

What is Wage Theft?

Wage theft is the failure to pay workers the wages owed to them:

  • Not paying minimum wage is a crime
  • Not paying promised wages is a crime
  • Making employees work unpaid overtime is a crime
  • Making employees work off the clock is a crime

If you believe you are a victim of wage theft, we encourage you to file a criminal complaint with the Seattle Police Department.

How to Report Wage Theft to Seattle Police

  • Call 911 for emergencies if you believe you are in immediate danger. 
  • Call 206-625-5011 for non-emergencies. 

File a report online with the police:

You can also file a complaint through the City Customer Service Bureau, by calling 206-684-2489 or using their online request form.

Worried about your immigration status?

The Seattle Police Department and other City Representatives are prohibited by law and policy from asking about your immigration status, and your immigration status will have no effect on your wage theft case.

The Seattle Police Department wishes to foster trust and cooperation with all people in the City of Seattle and to encourage all complainants, witnesses, and victims to communicate with Seattle Police officers without inquiry about their immigration status.