Seattle's Public Safety Civil Service Commission (PSCSC) is an independent body, authorized by the Revised Code of Washington and City Charter.

The Public Safety Civil Service system includes employees of the Seattle Fire and Police departments in these classifications: police special recruits, police recruits, police officers, police sergeants, police lieutenants, and police captains; and fire fighter prerecruits, fire fighters, fire lieutenants, fire captains, fire battalion chiefs, and fireboat pilots, fireboat engineers, and assistant fireboat engineers.


  • Makes and enforces rules for examination, appointments, promotions, transfers, demotions, reinstatements, suspensions, layoffs, discharges, and connected matters,
  • Directs development and administration of merit-based entry-level and promotional civil service exams for the Seattle Fire and Police departments (with support of Seattle Human Resources), 
  • Provides sworn police and uniformed fire employees with a quasi-judicial hearing process for appeals concerning:
    • Serious disciplinary actions
    • Examination and testing
  • Investigates alleged violations of enabling legislation, the Seattle Public Safety Ordinance, SMC 4.08.

The PSCSC's three commissioners can serve multiple three-year terms. The Mayor and the City Council each appoint one commissioner, and the third commissioner is elected by the members of the public safety civil service.

The PSCSC is housed within the Civil Service Commissions (CIV), with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) The CSC serves a similar role as the PSCSC, in relation to the City's civilian civil service members. CIV staff engage with employees, stakeholders, and the public on behalf of the PSCSC and manage administration and operation of the Commissions' office. 

The PSCSC meets monthly and meetings are open to the public. The Monthly Meetings tab lists upcoming meetings.

For questions, comments, or media inquiries, please contact Executive Director Andrea Scheele or Executive Assistant, Teresa Jacobs.

Public Safety Civil Service Commission

Address: 700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1670, Seattle, WA, 98124
Mailing Address: PO Box 94729, Seattle, WA, 98124-4729
Phone: (206) 233-7118
Phone Alt: (206) 437-5425
Fax: (206) 684-0755

Seattleā€™s Public Safety Civil Service Commission (PSCSC) is a three member, impartial, quasi-judicial body.