Get connected to resources that can help address common problems and issues impacting your community:

Graffiti: Report graffiti on public or private property. (Learn More)

Illegal Dumping: Report illegal dumping, any junk, garbage or debris that is left on public property - including roadsides, open streets, and paved alleys. (Learn More)

Potholes, Damaged Sidewalks, Broken Streetlights, or Overgrown Vegetation: Report any of these problems to Seattle Department of Transportation. For any of these issues, it's helpful to know the address or cross-streets, and pictures are great too. (Learn More)

Neighborhood Speeding: If you are interested in traffic calming, the first step involves creating a common understanding with your neighbors and the City of the existing problems on your street. (Learn More)

Civil Rights Complaint: The Seattle Office for Civil Rights has jurisdiction within Seattle city limits. Please contact them as soon as possible after the incident(s). (Learn More)

Property or Building Complaint: The City of Seattle relies on complaints from the public to identify potential violations of our housing, land use, construction, noise, and other codes. (Learn More)

Abandoned Vehicle: Report an abandoned vehicle, which is defined as a vehicle within Seattle City Limits on a public street or city property for over 72 hours. (Learn More)

Parking Enforcement: Make a parking service request, ask a question about a citation, or make a complaint about parking enforcement. (Learn More)

Needles & Sharps Disposal: Report sharps (syringes, needles, and lancets) for removal from public property in Seattle. (Learn More)