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Get Involved

The proposed interim Floodplain Development Regulations with the amendments and the FEMA maps, and Flood Insurance Study, are available on the project documents page for you to review.

And below is the notice for the public hearing that is scheduled for 2:00 PM February 9, 2022.


The Seattle City Council's Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee will hold a public hearing on February 9, 2022, on Council Bill (CB) 120253.  CB 120253 would extend for up to six months interim floodplain development regulations originally established through Ordinance 126113 and modify base flood level elevation development standards.  Interim regulations are required for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program and are based on a Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Study.  Interim regulations will be in place while the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections develops recommendations for permanent regulations. 


The City Council's Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee will hold a public hearing on the legislation on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 2:00 p.m..

The hearing will be held in the: City Council Chambers

2nd floor, Seattle City Hall
600 Fourth Avenue

Due to the COVID-19 civil emergency declared by the City and the State of Washington, persons who wish to participate in or attend the hearing may be offered the opportunity or required to do so remotely. If this is the case, the City will provide instructions in the meeting agenda on how to participate remotely.  Please check the Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee agenda a few days prior to the meeting at http://www.seattle.gov/council/committees.  

Print and communications access is provided on prior request. Please contact Noah An at (206) 684-5326 or via e-mail at: noah.an@seattle.gov as soon as possible to request accommodations for a disability.

Questions concerning the public hearing may be directed to Noah An in Councilmember Dan Strauss' office, by calling (206) 684-5326 or via e-mail at: noah.an@seattle.gov


Written comments on the legislation will be accepted through 5:00 PM on February 8, 2022. Please send comments to Noah An in Councilmember Dan Strauss' office, via e-mail at: noah.an@seattle.gov, or by mail to:

Councilmember Dan Strauss
600 4th Avenue, 2nd Floor
PO Box 34025
Seattle, WA 98124-4025


Copies of the proposals may be obtained from the City Clerk's legislative records webpage: https://seattle.legistar.com/Legislation.aspx. Please reference Council Bill No. 120253 in the "Record No." field.

If you have questions regarding the interim Floodplain Development Regulations or maps, please contact Joel Lehn at Joel.Lehn@seattle.gov or Maggie Glowacki at Margaret.Glowacki@seattle.gov.

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Public Meetings

A public hearing is scheduled for 2:00 PM on February 9 before the Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee. See above for additional information regarding the public hearing.

There are no public meetings scheduled at this time. We hosted a public meeting on Seattle's Permanent Floodplain Development Regulations on April 27, 2021, and a recording of this meeting is available. Watch the recording.