Rooftop Coverage Regulations - Get Involved

Public Comment Opportunities

City Council is holding public meetings about the proposed legislation (Council Bill 120287) in April and May 2022. A public hearing was held at the April 27 meeting of the City Council’s Land Use Committee. Watch a recording of this meeting.

The next meeting of this committee will be held on May 11. Visit the City Council's Land Use Committee wepage to confirm this schedule. You may provide public comments at this meeting.

See Seattle City Council - Record No: CB 120287 for more information about the legislation.

SDCI has conducted an environmental impact review of the proposed rooftop features legislation. We published the public notice on December 30, 2021. Our proposal will be open for public comment for two weeks after the publish date. Anybody who wishes to appeal our decision needs to submit an appeal to the Hearing Examiner within three weeks after it is published.

City Council will be holding public meetings about the proposed legislation in early 2022, including a public hearing. You may provide public comments at those meetings.

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