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Meeting Agenda for September 13, 2023 - Field Trip*

The Pedestrian Advisory Board's goal is to observe and share thoughts about two pedestrianized plazas, noting observations and challenges with design and use. The SDOT Director, SDOT ADA Coordinator, Melrose Project Team, and the Mayor’s Office have been invited to join.

6:00 PM – Meeting starts at Pike Place Pedestrian Plaza (Location: 1501 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101)

Chat about the plans for downtown related to walking/rolling

6:30-7 PM – Travel to Melrose Pedestrian plaza (Location: 300 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122)

7:00 PM – SDOT Speaker and Pedestrian Board Discussion

7:30 PM – Wrap up

*Please note that all times are approximate depending upon traffic and discussion. Transportation is provided only for board members. The public is welcome to meet up. During the field trip, you can reach the board liaison, Belén Herrera, at (206) 639-9516.

**Masks are encouraged

Next SPAB meeting: Wednesday, October 11

Founded by a temporary resolution in 1993, the Pedestrian Advisory Board was made permanent by Seattle City Council Resolution 29532 in 1997. The Board is composed of 11 regular members - six appointed by the Mayor and five appointed by the Council. The Get Engaged: City Boards and Commissions ...