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The Safe Place symbol is trademarked and depicts a police shield surrounding the Rainbow colors that traditionally have symbolized the LGBTQ+ community since the 1970s. The intent behind the rainbow symbolized is that includes every person, every sexual identity, every race equally.

The SPD Safe Place decal is meant to convey inclusion and intersectionality with any and all individuals, regardless of their race, political beliefs, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation and/or identification, or any other differences either actual or perceived.

This copywritten and trademarked logo is licensed to other law enforcement agencies after obtaining permission from the SPD.

In 2018, the language on all decals was updated to encourage the reporting of all bias crimes, in all communities, not just LGBTQ+. Report Student Bulling and five additional languages were added in 2021.

Use of the Safe Place Decal  

To maintain continuity and branding, the badge shape with the rainbow colors are trademarked as the official symbol of the SPD Safe Place initiative and should only be displayed and used only after committing to the Safe Place principles and with the express permission of the Seattle Police Department's Safe Place Coordinator.  

How to Get a Decal

To order your own SPD Safe Place Decal you must also sign up to participate in the program.  The business owner must agree to train and continue to train new staff that if a victim of a crime comes in that they permit the victim to stay in a safe public space of the business, and that the employee call 911 as soon as possible.

Placement of the Safe Place Decal

For Businesses, the SPD SAFE PLACE decals should ideally be placed 3'-5' from the ground, near the front/public entrance of the building. It should be easily seen by victims who may be running by looking for a Safe Place to go. Businesses will receive a free Safe Place sticker, training materials, and flyers.

For schools, the decals should be placed at the front office, or at an individual teacher's room, so that students that may be bullied know where a Safe adult/teacher is to go to seek assistance.

Teachers/Schools will a free Safe Place sticker, training materials, and flyers.


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