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Washington state law protects private marijuana use, but marijuana cannot be consumed in public view, such as on streets or sidewalks or in public parks. In addition, the state's Smoking in Public Places law (RCW 70.160) prohibits smoking of any kind in public places and places of employment.  

Seattle Municipal Code prohibits recreational marijuana use in public. "In public" means in view of the general public, and includes businesses open to the general public. See SMC 12A.20.100.    

Marijuana Businesses 

Legal business types in the marijuana industry are licensed producers (growers), processors and retailers. This is regulated by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB). These businesses must also comply with all City zoning, permitting and licensing requirements.  

In addition to a WSLCB license, marijuana businesses located in Seattle and those that come into Seattle to engage in marijuana business activities must obtain a Seattle Marijuana Business License and a Seattle Business License Tax Certificate. See the Business Regulations website for more information.  


Under Washington State Law, Marijuana is allowed to be bought or sold in licensed retail marijuana stores only. No marijuana sales are allowed at special events outside of these stores.  

Advertising and Sampling  

Giving away marijuana ("sampling") is not allowed at any time or location.  Advertising marijuana in any form is not allowed:  

  • On publicly owned or operated property. This includes public streets, sidewalks, other right-of-way, parks, community centers, waterways, and any other City-owned property; 
  • Within one thousand feet of the perimeter of a school grounds, playground, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park, library, or a game arcade admission to which it is not restricted to persons aged twenty-one years or older; or 
  • On or in a public transit vehicle or public transit shelter 

Special Events

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