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Link Light Rail

Other Public / Mass Transportation Serving Seattle

King County Metro Bus Service

King County Metro has over 200 routes serving the Puget Sound Area. Rerouting buses for special events may require additional temporary street detour signage and/or SPD officer staffing, at the expense of the permit holder and not included in the Special Event Permit Fee or City services. More Information

Electric Trolley Bus Routes

Metro operates electric trolley buses on these routes: Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, Route 4, Route 7, Route 10, Route 12, Route 13, Route 14, Route 36, Route 43, Route 44, Route 49 or Route 70. These trolley buses access power via electrical lines above the street.

Rerouting electric trolley buses means the electric trolley bus must be replaced by a diesel motorized bus. In general, these reroutes can occur on weekends only as there are not enough motorized buses available during weekday service. Additional fees from King County Metro may be charged if this rerouting is approved.

Overhead Electric Bus Lines

All vehicles travelling beneath active trolley lines and structures, signs, flags, etc. must allow for a minimum 10' clearance for safety.


Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and King County currently operate two streetcar lines: First Hill and South Lake Union. In general, special events are not allowed to interrupt normal streetcar service. Event activity on streetcar streets may be considered depending on the activity and the safety measures provided, please contact the Special Events Office for more information. More Information

Link Light Rail

Sound Transit operates the Link Light Rail service between University of Washington and Angle Lake (south of SeaTac Airport). In general, special events cannot interrupt normal light rail service.

Use of any Link light rail station property must be coordinated through Sound Transit outside of the Seattle Special Events Permit and process. More information about the Link Light Rail service and stations is available at Sound Transit.

Other Public / Mass Transportation Serving Seattle

The below links to public and mass transportation serving Seattle are provided for your reference. Event organizers should consider access to public transportation stations both for their event participants and the general public. If a special event disrupts the normal access to a station, detours and accommodations will be necessary.

Seattle Center Monorail

Sounder Train


King County Water Taxi

Washington State Ferries

Seattle Transit Map

Special Events

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The City of Seattle plays a strong role in helping event planners bring people together safely and successfully in both city-wide and neighborhood events.