Single E-Payment Vendor Standard


The purpose of this standard is to require the use of the vendor selected by the Department of Executive Administration (DEA) or its successor to process debit, credit card, and ACH/e-check payments received over the web or via interactive voice response systems (IVR).

The City is offering its customers the option of completing more business online. In support of this capability, DEA has contracted with a vendor to supply debit, credit card, and ACH/e-check processing services for payments received over the web or via IVR systems.

Standardizing on a single e-payment vendor enables the City to:

  • aggregate its business to obtain a lower price for the service
  • lower overhead costs by allowing the City to maintain a single contract and technology
  • better control of security
  • simplify reconciliation
  • provide a consistent user interface for customers paying for City services, even though they may use various payment methods such as ACH and credit cards.

Affected Departments

This standard applies to all City departments.


e-Payment means payments made by either debit, credit card, or ACH/e-check received over the web or via IVR systems.


Departments implementing new services that collect debit, credit card, or ACH/e-check payments over the web or via IVR systems shall use the vendor selected by DEA.


This standard becomes effective upon its adoption by the City's Business Management Council.

DEA will provide departments with directions on how to utilize the services of the City's selected e-payment vendor.


Some software solutions may presently exist or require the use of embedded e-payment engines. To the extent possible, the City will avoid these software solutions. Exceptions to this policy need to be approved by the Director of DEA.

Document Control

This standard is a product of the City's e-Government Steering Group representing the City's Business Management Council (BMC).

Adopted on May 21, 2004. The Standard shall be reviewed and modified as business needs require.