2017-18 Strategic Agenda

The 2017-18 Seattle IT Strategic Agenda represents the City's vision for technology and will guide investment across departments for the next two years.

This is the first Strategic Agenda created by the newly-consolidated department, employing its expanded resources to provide effective and efficient service to the City's internal and external customers.  



1. Smarter, Data-Driven City

Use data to drive innovation and efficiency, improving both the quality of life and economic productivity.

1.1. Increase the use of data

1.2. Engage partners and the community to develop new solutions

1.3. Advance strategic uses of new technologies

2. Digital Equity

Assist residents and neighborhoods to have the information technology capacity needed for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services.

2.1. Implement the digital equity action plan

2.2. Increase broadband internet access and adoption

3. Public Experience

Improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of government services by facilitating, automating, and streamlining interactions among the public, government employees, service providers, and other stakeholders.

3.1. Create user-centric solutions that connect the public with their government

3.2. Standardize cross-department services

3.3. Identify and develop tools that broaden public engagement

4. Privacy and Security

Develop and implement best practices in how we securely collect and manage the public's personal information and protect public assets.

4.1. Earn the public's trust in how we collect and use information

4.2. Increase security of the city's data and technology assets

4.3. Efficiently comply with compliance requirements and mitigate risk

5. Service and System Maturity

Integrate City business needs with technology, while driving greater efficiency. Embrace an effective approach to service management.

5.1. Modernize the employee end user experience

5.2. Make service delivery more consistent and efficient

5.3. Increase performance of the IT project portfolio

5.4. Reduce duplicative applications

5.5. Make IT a strategic business partner

5.6. Develop our workforce to evolve with technology

5.7. Create capacity by integrating teams


City leadership represented by the Mayor's IT Subcabinet established the strategic purpose and principles for Seattle IT. Based on this foundation, five strategic priorities were developed, guided by input from the newly-established governance bodies and taking into consideration the rapid pace of technological change and the local demographic, economic and technological landscape. Each priority is linked with objectives and initiatives. The City's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who serves as the Director of Seattle IT, is responsible for implementing the Strategic Agenda and providing regular updates to key stakeholders.

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