8th Ave S Sidewalk Improvements

Updated: September 7, 2020

 This project is complete!

8th Ave S now has new sidewalks on both sides of 8th Ave S between S Sullivan St and S Southern St.

Before and After

SDOT crews extended the street designs next to the South Park Library up 8th Ave S. 

Artistic paint and post curb bulb on 8th Ave S

Curb bulb art on 8th Ave S and S Sullivan St

Completed papel picado crosswalk

"Papel Picado" crosswalk on 8th and Cloverdale

Project Overview

We built new sidewalks on 8th Ave S between S Sullivan St and S Southern St in South Park in 2020. This included a new sidewalk on the east side of the street where a temporary in-street walkway was installed in 2016 and a replacement of the existing sidewalk on the west side.

The SDOT design team worked closely with our SDOT Urban Forestry team and was able to preserve the beautiful street trees on both sides of the street. The sidewalk now meets current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, making it easier and safer for people of all ages and abilities to walk to destinations like the South Park Community Center, South Park Library, and bus stops.

From a project neighbor: I have lived and operated a small child care on the corner of 8th Ave S and S Southern St for many years. The old sidewalks were in such bad shape that the preschool children and I would avoid using them because they often had standing water and the bumps and cracks made it difficult to push the stroller. Our new sidewalks are flat, dry & beautiful! Our little preschool group loved watching the construction. The cement trucks were definitely crowd pleasers. AND the beautiful new corner art is like the icing on the cake. Now everyone can see, what we in the neighborhood already knew, South Park is a very special and beautiful place. -Shawna Murphy


Based on positive feedback about the decorative crosswalks and street designs on 8th Ave S and S Cloverdale St, we extended similar art up 8th Ave S between S Cloverdale and S Southern streets. See this fact sheet for details and please contact us with questions.

8th Ave Art

Yard signs: 


Sign Spanish


Over several years the existing sidewalk was harmed because of growing tree roots damaging the pavement. Based on feedback from neighbors, we made efforts to save the trees while preserving parking and maintaining access for people walking. To accomplish those goals we created a temporary walkway and were later able to secure funding to construct a permanent sidewalk and replace the sidewalk on the west side of the street as well.  

Existing sidewalk

Existing temporary walkway that we'll make into a permanent sidewalk with this project

Project Area

New/replaced sidewalks on both sides of 8th Ave S in South Park between S Southern St and S Sullivan St.



2018-2019: Design and outreach (including door-to door, project 'walk and talk,' and attending community meetings)

June-August 2020: Sidewalk construction

December 2020: Installed decorative street designs 

August 2021: Installed decorative "papel picado" crosswalk on north leg of 8th and Cloverdale

Community Outreach

Date Description
August 2020 Posted yard signs about art
Summer 2020 Regular listserv email updates 
June 2020 Mailer to project neighbors
February 19, 2019 Project info at South Park Street Projects Open House
September 12, 2018 8th Ave S Sidewalk Improvements Walk-through
July 30, 2018 Door-to-door to adjacent neighbors on 8th Ave S
Early summer, 2018 Presentations to various community groups


This project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle. We selected this project for funding because it scored highly on the Pedestrian Master Plan, which aims to improve safety along the walking routes to schools and transit.


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