Yesler Way Protected Bike Lane

May 2024

What’s happening now?

We are working with neighbors, partner agencies, and community organizations to develop the design for a protected bike lane on Yesler Way. 

This project is currently in early design. Construction is planned for 2024, in coordination with the Office of Waterfront's Pioneer Square East/West Pedestrian Improvements Project that is currently under construction on Yesler Way. 

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Project Map

Map showing project area including nearby projects and existing bike network.
Project area map

Zoomed-in map showing parking changes and turning restrictions.
Zoomed-in map showing proposed changes on Yesler Way between Western Ave and 2nd Ave.

Project Need and Background

Following the construction of the waterfront bicycle path and protected bike lanes on the short block of Yesler Way between Alaskan Way and Western Ave, there is now just a 600-foot gap separating Seattle's newly rebuilt waterfront from the downtown protected bike lane network.

We are designing a two-way protected bike lane on the north side of Yesler Way to fill this gap as soon as 2024. Once complete, this will be a seamless route comfortable for riders of all ages and abilities between Downtown Seattle and the waterfront bike path. It also provides direct access to Washington's largest ferry hub, providing a true regional connection to multiple ferry lines.

Project Description

The protected bike lane will be on the north side of Yesler Way and allow people biking, on scooters, and other mobility devices to travel in both directions. It will fit seamlessly into the existing protected bike lane network in Pioneer Square that also uses this configuration. We plan to use precast concrete barriers to separate people biking from people driving.

The project will add turning restrictions prohibiting vehicles from making right turns from westbound Yesler Way to northbound 1st Ave S, and from making left turns from eastbound Yesler Way to northbound James Street. This allows the project to provide a protected bike lane without making changes to the signal at 1st Ave S and Yesler Way.

Other changes include removing up to 10 parking spaces along the north side of Yesler Way, and relocating a load zone to Post Ave. The project will also remove the diagonal bike crossing at Western Ave and Yesler Way and make minor pavement repairs.

This work is coordinated with the Office of the Waterfront’s Pioneer Square East/West Pedestrian Improvements Project which is making sidewalk expansion, paving, and other enhancements to Yesler Way along with other streets in Pioneer Square.

Outreach & Schedule


30% Design plan (May 2024)

Fact sheet (April 2024)


This project is partially funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Learn more about the Levy to Move Seattle.


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