Bridges, Stairs, and Other Structures

What We Do

Seattle is a hilly city surrounded by water. Therefore, bridges, stairs, retaining walls, and areaways are crucial to keep the city moving. In addition to the regular wear and tear that happens over time, our region's heavy rains and proximity to seawater place further strain on our structures.

SDOT operates, inspects, and maintains many bridges and other structures in the city. This includes work like painting bridges, repairing expansion joints, columns, and beams, replacing stairways, and inspecting structures regularly.


  • Maintain and operate safe and reliable transportation structures that keep people moving
  • Preserve, repair, or replace worn or deteriorating structures
  • Conduct regular inspections of bridges and other structures
  • Ensure bridges, stairways, and other structures meet structural, safety, and seismic standards

Learn more about how and where we're maintaining and/or operating road structures in Seattle by clicking on a program below: