Home Zone: Olympic Hills

Updated: March, 2023

Current Status

The Olympic Hills Steering Committee held their third meeting on March 22--see the Steering Committee Presentations tab below for the full presentation. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) staff presented on several topics including: traffic data collected at several points throughout the neighborhood, a preliminary analysis of traffic violence within the neighborhood, and the first Draft Home Zone map. The map includes a wide array of potential projects as well as planning level cost estimates.

There are more projects than there is funding available so next steps will be deciding which projects are a high priority for the community, this will be done by the Olympic Hills Steering Committee. At the same time, SDOT staff will refine the project details and develop conceptual designs to inform the Steering Committee's decision making.

Draft Home Zone

Below is the first Draft Home Zone map for Olympic Hills, it is based on the comments received during the community walks as well as input and guidance from the Olympic Hills Steering Committee. The map will go through several iterations and circulate for public comment before projects are finalized.


After some early planning meetings, the Olympic Hills Home Zone officially kicked off in the Summer of 2022. In late August there were four community led walks through the neighborhood. We had a solid turnout of over 30 people per walk including SDOT Director Greg Spotts. Residents shared their thoughts and concerns with SDOT, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) staff and elected officials.

March 21st, 2023 Steering Committee Presentation

February 21st, 2023 Steering Committee Presentation

November 2nd, 2022 Steering Committee Presentation

Live in Olympic Hills and are interested in serving on the Steering Committee? Or just curious about what's happening? Please reach out to Muriel Lawty with the subject line "Olympic Hills Steering Committee"

Previous Drafts and Maps

Interactive Community Walk Map

Additional Resources

Curious about what a Home Zone means for your neighborhood? Take a look at the Home Zone Toolkit to see the kinds of projects that may be possible


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