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What is the Resource Library?

Welcome to the Transportation Access Program (TAP) Resource Library!

The TAP Resource Library is a place where SDOT can share the resources we have created and collected with our community partners to inform you about different opportunities to learn about transportation access. We are hoping to upload more videos in additional languages soon! Please reach out to us at if you have questions.

Find Additional Affordable Transit Options through King County Metro

Our partners at King County Metro offer fully and partially subsidized ORCA cards to qualified participants, such as ORCA Lift, the Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP), and the Subsidized Annual Pass. To see which program is right for you, continue reading below or visit King County Metro’s Reduced Fare Portal.

If you have any questions about these King County Metro fare subsidy programs, please reach out to King County Metro at (800) 756-5437 for ORCA LIFT and at (206) 553-3000 for all other programs.


King County Metro offers a partial fare subsidy ORCA card to individuals who are income eligible. Find out more if you qualify HERE.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP)

The RRFP ORCA Card is a reduced fare ORCA card offered by King County Metro to riders 65 or older and to riders with disabilities. TAP offers a supporting RRFP Program that partners with Seattle senior centers to enroll eligible seniors on the RRFP card and help them feel confident in navigating transit. 

Subsidized Annual Pass

The Subsidized Annual Pass is a fully-funded ORCA card for folks who are enrolled in one of six state benefit programs. Click HERE to find out more. 

Get Help Navigating Transit

General ORCA Card Information

King County Metro offers several types of ORCA cards, illustrated in the video below. For more information, full eligibility requirements, and how to apply, visit King County Metro’s Reduced Fare Portal. 

"How To" Ride Transit with an ORCA Card

It’s just a tap! Learn how to pay for transit with your ORCA card.

Riding the Bus: Tap the ORCA card against the reader after getting on the bus. Pull the yellow cord before your stop to indicate to the driver you would like to exit. 

Riding the Light Rail & Streetcar: Tap the ORCA card on the platform before getting on the train and a second time after you leave the train. 

Youth Ambassador Program

Partnering organizations of our Youth Ambassador Program have put together the following videos on transit and community: 

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