Launched in 2014, NavSeattle is a pilot program designed to connect multifamily developers and building managers to transportation information, resources, and services to share with current and future residents.

Seattle residents have more choices than ever before as innovations in transportation options develop. Ensuring that residents have the best information on how to navigate the City will help to improve mobility and address issues of air quality, congestion, safety, and affordability.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures multifamily developers and building managers know about nearby transportation options
  • Provides information on available transportation options to Seattle residents
  • Improves resident mobility in and around Seattle
  • Promotes healthy, connected, and livable communities

How can I help my residents (as a property developer or manager)?

  • Participate in the new ORCA Multifamily Development Passport
  • Distribute maps so residents can walk and bike in your neighborhood
  • Install digital transit planning amenities, such as a screen that displays real time transit information
  • Ensure quality bike parking
  • Hold events at your building to promote transportation options around your area
  • Provide information and memberships for transportation options like:
    • Car Share (car2go, Zipcar)
    • Bike Share (Pronto)
    • Carpooling/Vanpooling (
    • Taxis & Transportation Network Companies (Lyft, Uber, Sidecar)

Transportation Options

Get More Information

If you are a property manager or resident of a multifamily residential building and want your building to participate, please contact Eleen Trang (, 206.684.0267)