1st & Battery Portal Porch

Updated: July 29, 2022

What’s happening now?

Project Timeline Design Phase Phase

Based on the results of our recent survey, we are in the process of developing 2-3 design concepts for the Portal Porch space. We plan to share these concepts in early summer 2022. At that time, we will conduct another survey alongside a community meeting to collect feedback about these preliminary concepts. 


Project Overview

We are developing design concepts for a new public space at the southwest corner of 1st Ave and Battery St. This area was formerly the portal site of the now decommissioned Battery Street tunnel, which we are calling the "Portal Porch." 

Aerial photo of site

The goal of this project is to open up outdoor community space for people to use until the long-term use of the site is determined. (These improvements are not intended to preclude the potential development of a school or other public facility on the site in the future.) This new public space will be contained within a 1,500 square foot footprint and will include a fence on the west side to demarcate the porch area.  

Project Map

Belltown area map showing project location


Thanks to Councilmember Andrew Lewis, we secured $500,000 for the design and construction of this space.