Safe Routes to School Walking and Biking Incentives

Use these fun, free incentives for your walk and bike to school campaigns!  Whether your campaign is a one day event or year-round, these incentives can help encourage more families and kids to walk and bike to and from school.

Incentives packages are only available to schools and community groups within Seattle.

For more information about how to run a walk or bike to school campaign, see our guide Where Do I Begin? A Guide to Starting a Safe Routes to School Campaign at Your School

Incentives Packages


Option A: An assortment of stickers, temporary tattoos, wrist bands, bike lights, and hand stamps. Includes 250 each of stickers, temporary tattoos, and wristbands; 2 hand stamps.


Option B: 1,000 stickers. The stickers are 1.5" diameter round and appropriate for bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc.


Option C: 1,000 temporary tattoos. The tattoos are FDA-approved and look just like the stickers. They last about a week and can be removed at any time with rubbing alcohol.


Option D: 2 hand stamps. The hand stamps are self-inking and the stamp image is ¾" in diameter.


Option E: 1,000 wrist bands. These are silicone rubber wristbands with the words WALK AND ROLL debossed.


Option F: 50 bike lights. These are blue and red bike lights, 25 of each.

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