Let's Go Safety Education Program

Learn how to walk and bike safely 

Since 2015, we have funded the Let's Go safety education program at Seattle Public Schools. This program delivers walking and biking safety curriculum through PE classes for every 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade public school student. We're working with our partners, Seattle Public Schools and Cascade Bicycle Club, to expand the program to middle school in order to provide six consecutive years of safety education for every public school student.

Want to learn how to walk and bike safely together at home? Here you'll find the safety lessons your child is learning at school. You can review these videos with your child to reinforce their learning, and practice your own knowledge as well!  

Great times to review this material: 

  • Late summer before going back to school 

  • Prior to starting a Walking School Bus or Bike Train

  • Before and during Bike to School Month

  • Anytime!

Check out the videos below!