Safe Routes to School: Wing Luke Elementary

Updated January 29, 2024

What's Happening Now?

Major work for the Kenyon Way S Sidewalk project is complete! We are finishing a few small tasks and you may see crews and/or equipment in the area.

Thank you for your patience during construction!

Project Overview

This project is funded through the Seattle Department of Transportation's (SDOT) Safe Rotues to School and Urban Trails and Bikeways programs and will enhance safety to Wing Luke Elementary for kids and families and make it easier to walk and bike in the neighborhood. Safe Routes to School is a national movement to make it easier and safer for students to walk and bike to school. We've made several improvements to calm traffic, increase visibility, and reduce the crossing distance at intersections.

Current work

Kenyon Way S

Installing new sidewalks can help to make our neighborhoods walkable and more connected. We are prioritizing this location to fill a gap in the sidewalk and urban trail network, enhancing safety for kids and families walking, rolling, and biking to Wing Luke Elementary School. By 2023, we will construct a new, wide sidewalk from the bottom of the hill up to the top of the hill on Kenyon Way S. 

Project elements include:

  • Installing a multi-use sidewalk with handrails and pedestrian lighting
    • Adding a rolled curb at corner of 39th Ave S and Kenyon Way S (middle of the hill) to make it easier for larger bikes and bikes with trailers to reach the multi-use sidewalk
  • Building new curb ramps including a multi-use curb ramp to connect the Chief Sealth Trail
  • Creating two new seatings areas on Kenyon Way S (part of the Kenyon Neighborhood Greenway)
  • Changing traffic circulation to one-way, eastbound on Kenyon Way S  

Project Area Map

Project Area Map

Completed work

S Kenyon St and 37th Ave S

We prioritized this location to fill a gap in the sidewalk and urban trail network, enabling kids and families to walk safely to Wing Luke Elementary School. Project elements completed include:

  • a new sidewalk
  • a midblock raised crosswalk on S Kenyon St, and
  • a new connection to Chief Sealth Trail

Near Wing Luke Elementary, a new sidewalk and curb ramp are complete.

Near Wing Luke Elementary, a new sidewalk and curb ramp are complete.

Project Map

A project map for the the work near Wing Luke Elementary. .

S Kenyon St at Wolcott Ave S and 52nd Ave S 

We made improvements along S Kenyon St at 52nd Ave S and at Wolcott Ave S. It was a continuation of work that began in 2019 with new planting strips and sidewalks. Project elements completed include curb ramp and drainage improvements, as well as upgraded sidewalks.  

The current phase of work on S Kenyon St near the intersections of 52nd Ave S and Wolcott Ave S is wrapping up.

New curb ramps and upgraded sidewalks at S Kenyon St near the intersections of 52nd Ave S and Wolcott Ave S. 

Project Map

A project map of the work in this area.


This project was funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, which was approved by voters in 2015, as well as the local Safe Routes to School program.


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