School Streets

Updated: August 31, 2021


We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for the School Streets program. Apply today through the form below.

Program Overview

What are School Streets?

School Streets are open for people walking, rolling, and biking to school, and closed to pass through traffic, including parents. The goals are to provide social distancing space for daily attestation at school start times, reduce traffic congestion in front of schools, encourage families to walk or bike to school or park a few blocks away and walk. School Streets are provided when requested by schools.  

School Street Sign

School Streets can include:

  • One or two blocks directly next to a school open for people walking, rolling, and biking to school
  • Neighborhood activities like hop-scotch and basketball (that you would otherwise need to get a street closure permit for)

When is a School Street in effect?

  • School Streets are in effect 7AM-5PM on school days.

What does this mean for people getting to school?

  • When possible, walk, roll, or bike with your child to school
  • If you must drive to school, try parking a block or two away and finishing the trip on foot
  • Students provided with district transportation or with mobility needs can access the block

What does this mean for drivers?

  • People driving who need to get to homes and businesses on a School Street are still able to drive on these streets. Drivers should use caution and yield to people.
  • People enjoying the street should be mindful of drivers trying to get to homes and destinations as well

2021-2022 School Street Locations

Apply for a School Street

Interested in getting a School Street at your school? Fill out the form to get started!

  • The requested block must:
    • Be a non-arterial street (if there is no line - dotted or solid - running along the middle of the street, it is most likely a non-arterial street)
    • Not have a public bus route
  • If you are a parent or PTA member making the request, we'll also ask for an email from the school principal in support of the School Street request.
  • If approved, we can have the School Street in place within a few days and it will be in place through the end of the school year.
  • We'll provide you with a flyer to share with your school community and we'll let the nearby neighbors know about the closure. 


In response to schools re-opening in person during the Covid-19 pandemic with two daily start and end times and no general education bus service, we offered schools an opt-in option to close a non-arterial block adjacent to the school to pass through traffic and open the block up to people walking, rolling, and biking.  

School Streets help to:  

  • Provide social distancing space for daily attestation at school start times 
  • Reduce traffic congestion in front of the school  
  • Encourage families to walk or bike to school or park a few blocks away and walk 

Like any residential street, cut-thru traffic is discouraged, but local access for residents, deliveries, waste pickup, and emergency vehicles are allowed. Our evaluation of requested street closures from schools includes impacts to businesses, fire response routes, and transit operations and layover.  

Spring 2021 School Street Locations